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Five Ways to Get Children to Love Reading

Ways to get children to love reading: children often find and get their love of reading through their mentors, parents, and teachers. The people around them help show them how reading can be fun. However, at times they may not show a complete devotion to reading and that could be for many reasons and one thing’s for sure; there are always ways to get them to love reading again! This post will share some tips and ideas for when you are totally feeling hopeless that your child or student just does not seem interested in reading.


Ways to get children to love reading

  1. CHOICE: Use choice to help your child determine which book he or she would like to read at any given point. This will give them a sense of autonomy and and sometimes this will spike their intrigue. Buying some books that appear intriguing will also spike their interest.

Ways to get children to love reading

Here’s a great activity, have children STAMP a piece of the caterpillar each time they read a book and then once they’ve reached the end — give them an incentive they’ll love!

Ways to get children to love reading

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[/emaillocker] 2. GROUP READING: this is a fun way to switch up reading time, read as a group if the child has siblings or cousins. This is often done during school, but there is no harm in taking some time out to enjoy reading with your child. It is difficult to make time sometimes, but it is doable! This way the child will feel happy that you are also included in reading time!

Ways to get children to love reading3. CHOOSE INTRIGUING BOOKS: buy some intriguing titles from the bookshop. Ones you think your child might like, especially if they include things they are interested in. For example, if they love cars and trains buy some books on the topic even if they are nonfiction. Another thing, buy some books that talk about intriguing and new topics for children for example; “Why do we Sneeze?” or “Why Billy Couldn’t Go to School”.

Ways to get children to love reading

4. SHARE: if you normally read recipes on your phone or if you buy recipe books, read them out loud to your child, this share of knowledge and reading will help keep them keen on reading with you or alone!

5. PLAY: the most fundamental way to get kids to do anything is through play! if they never feel like they’re learning, they will naturally learn! Grab some toys and get them to do some counting activities while you read a book which has some picture items in it. Use LEGOS or toys to reinact the story and so much more!

If you’re looking for some great idea on how to incorporate PLAY and READING, this resource is a must have! So many great ideas about sharing what they’ve learned and best of all the books that are referred teach all about empathy, friendship and acceptance!

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Ways to get children to love reading


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