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Winter Play Dough Mats Printable Free

Kids will LOVE these printable Winter play dough mats printable dough mats. Have you picked up all of our free play dough mats from the post below? Fine motor activities are absolutely essential for kids.

I have been listing lots of play dough learning mats here, on the blog and this is just one of the many available now!

Winter play dough mats

If you’re looking for fun ways, to incorporate fine motor into your activities and lessons, these printable worksheets are perfect for that!

Not only would kids practice working their small hand and finger muscles; but they will also work on vocabulary for the season.

Fantastic Fine Motor Easter Centers for Preschoolers 13 (7)

See over 100 fine motor printables and activities right here.

How to use these playdough mats

Use these mats to help kids strengthen their knowledge of shapes; as well as develop fine motor skills using playdough and/or do-a-dot markers!

Print out each mat in color or black and white.

Have the kids read the word on the mat or help them read it out. Then, they will trace the word and make the object on the mat.

Be sure that you have the play dough, dry erase markers, and markers ready at the table for the kids to use.

Play Doh Play Mat

When using these mats with play dough, have the kids build small balls or snakes to build the shape shown on each mat.

They will also identify the winter vocabulary words and then write them using markers.

This can also be played in groups. Give each group the same mat and have the kids build their winter image and identify the matching winter words.

After they’re done, check their mats and the group with the best-looking mat (all filled with play dough) and correctly written winter words wins!

Free printable playdough mats pdf

If you need more hands on and free play dough activities, and free printables for toddlers, prechoolers and kindergarten kids.

Check out these printable playdough resources below to work on fine motor skills, reading and more.

Winter Play Dough Mats Printable

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