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Winter Beginning Sounds Activities – Build a Snowman SNOW FUN Sensory Rice Tub!

Winter Beginning Sounds Activities can be LOTS of fun – if you incorporate snowmen and colourful play rice! Download your free copy of these alphabet snowman cards here!

Beginning Sounds Activities can be LOTS of fun - if you incorporate snowmen and colourful play rice! Download your free copy of these alphabet snowman cards here! 
Beginning Sounds Activities – Build a Snowman Sensory Scoop Tub. *this post contains affiliate links. SOK may receive a small commission for referring your purchases, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting us!

Beginning Sounds Activities – Snow Fun!

What a great way to encourage kids to work on their letter recognition and alphabet matching skills. Kids love using various materials while learning, my kiddos especially love these printable play dough learning mats. I also printed and binded several of these Hands-on Fine Motor Learning Books and placed 1 on each table for the kids to learn and practice. This activity include alphabet matching cards in colour and black and white. This alphabet activity is a great resource to use during the winter months! With alphabet upper and lowercase cards along with the matching beginning sounds picture, this resource is a brilliant way to reinforce the alphabet with your children and how they should be pronounced!

Looking for a great colourful rice recipe? This one was so easy to make and guess what I am all for EASY and simple!


Coloured Snow Ice Recipe

What you will need:

  • Any type of rice (I use long grain the cheapest one I can find at my local grocery store).
  • Food Colouring
  • Hand Sanitizer (any that you have on hand or use the link here).
  • Zip lock bag or any clean plastic freezer bag.

That’s it! Add 1 cup of rice to the bag along with 3 drops of blue food colouring. Then add about five drops (squeezes) of hand sanitizer and close the bag properly. Shake the bag and its contents and be sure that all the rice is covered.

Leave the bag open to let the rice dry overnight and viola you’ve got yourself BLUE rice! What I did to make the rice look like ‘snow ice’ is add some plain rice to the tub and mix it! Easiest coloured rice recipe EVER! 😉

EASY Snow Ice Recipe
EASY Snow Ice Recipe

Looking for another SUPER simple coloured rice recipe? Here’s another one from A+ Teaching Resources!

How to make coloured rice

This activity is so easy to prep and play!

Play and Build Alphabet Matching Cards – Snow Fun!

Beginning Sounds Activities can be a lot of fun once you include snowmen and rice! To play this game, after you’ve prepped the rice, print the cards (found below) and laminated them. cut out the ‘snow ball cards’ and the snowmen heads with the letters. Place the ones you want to work on in your tub along with the rice.

Have the kids use food scoops like these to try to scoop up an ‘ice ball’ letter card. They will read the letter on the card and place it on the tray. They continue this until they see a match and then place the cards to ‘build a snowman’. So this activity is actually a three step process, scoop, read, and build. So much fun!

As an added activity, I get the kids to write the alphabet letters after they find them.

Beginning Sounds Activities - Build a Snowman Sensory Scoop Tub
Beginning Sounds Activities – Build a Snowman Sensory Scoop Tub

Looking for a value bundle with FANTASTIC hands-on activities to teach your child at home? This Play Dough Learning Mats Bundle Kit – Activity Mats for the Whole Year will be a HIT with your students! Click on the image to learn more about the activities included in this bundle. You can also see it here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Are Your Kids Obsessed with Snowmen? More Snowman Fun!

Are your students ready to start working on their compound words? These Snowman Compound Words Activity will be a hit with them!

Building Compound Words with Snowmen Hats

Snowman Count and Trace – these adorable cards can be used over and over and over again!

Snowman Math Clip Cards from A Plus Teaching Resources. These are ADORABLE!

Ready to download The Snowman Beginning Sounds Activities?

Build a Snowman Alphabet Match and Build Sensory Bin

Ready to get this printable?

Click the picture to go to the download page!

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