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30+ 1st Grade Spelling Words Activities and Worksheets 30 Week Bundle

Students will love these interactive games and activities. Spelling can be so much fun! Having a set of fun activities to teach 1st grade spelling words is absolutely essential, that’s why this post will include over 30 printable packs for first grade to practice spelling.

It’s definitely a work in progress, so bookmark it and come back to it often for updates!

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1st Grade Spelling Words

I love to read studies. A study by the University of Sydney has shown that children who are taught to spell words correctly from a young age, are more likely to be better readers and writers.

Teaching spelling to 1st graders

Teaching spelling is not easy as it can be very time-consuming. But there are some ways in which you can make the process easier.

You can use a word list with all the words that your child needs to learn, and teach them how to spell them one at a time.

I also love have students practice writing their spelling words in sentences or paragraphs so they will get used to using them in context (see worksheets shared below).

Another way I like to teach spelling is by using word searches and crossword puzzles, which will help children see how each letter is used and how it fits into the whole word.

1st Grade Spelling Words 2

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Puzzles to teach phonics skills and vowel sound activities are a part of this bundle.

There are also a bunch of spelling test s to use with first graders to show their understanding.

Printable worksheet activities for 1st grade spelling words

The activities shared on this page will include a link to all the posts with the printable worksheets and free phonics activities for first grade.

These include word families, short vowels, spelling rule and spelling skills, review week, end of the year spelling tests, word shapes, vocabulary words, their own spelling list for first grade sight words.

They also include a set of word search puzzles for the students to search for.

Spelling worksheet activities for first grade students

If you’re looking to engage students with spelling. These printable activities will certainly help students in acquiring new words and vocabulary skills they learn as they practice reading and writing the most common sight words and CVC words in kindergarten and first grade..

Teaching common sight words is also important. And these 1st grade spelling games are sure to help your first graders LOVE spelling.

In each unit, 1st grade spelling list is included along with weekly spelling lists.

Short A Sounds First grade free

1st grade students will love the color to reveal the puzzles activities in each unit too. Weekly lists help keep you up to date on each of the units in the program.

Teaching phonetic sounds , short vowel words and phonetic spelling pattern in a spelling program can be difficult. But the following activities will help every student engage with learning the correct spelling for the set word lists.

Short a Vowel Sounds CVC Activities FREE

The first set I’ll be sharing on this page is this FREE set from the unit 1 pack for first grade. Pick up the poster, weekly spelling list and practice pages from the post: Short A Sound Word List FREE

1st Grade Spelling Words
FREE first grade spelling words practice. pack

Bookmark this page and come back to it often, I’ll be sharing printables and worksheets from the other 30 units soon.

More free lesson plans on phonics

Have learners build their short vowel sounds further with these printable activities and games.

Short i Vowel Sounds Printables FREE

This is unit 2 of the spelling program for 1st grade. Grab your free set from the post below or click on this link.

Unit 3 is all about shot o CVC words! Grab the FREE printable pack (over 40 pages) from the link below.

40 Fun Words with Short O PDF Bundle of Activities

40 Fun Words with Short O PDF Bundle of Activities


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