Pop it Games to Play Best Toys for Learning Letters and Numbers

Have you heard of these pop it fidget toys from Target? Pop it Games to Play won’t disappoint! Well, if you haven’t you’re about to learn, my friend.

These magnificant little gems can now be used to practice counting and phonics! Yes! It’s true. Read on to find out more.

These fidget pop it toys are extremely in high demand now by occupational therapists, sped teachers and more. Why? I’ll tell you below. 

pop it fidget game
Pop It Games to Play for Special Education * Affiliate links in this post.

Below you’ll find a super simple printable cards for ‘popping’ the CVC sound. You can download them below. These cards help develop phonology and letter sound associations in children in preschool. 

You can also have a look at our bundle of task boxes used with fidget pop its. 

These cards are extremely versatile, perfect size for boxes and they include writing / letter formation practice.

Practice long vowel sounds, CVC short vowel sounds, alphabet upper and lowercase letters and more! 

Where to buy pop its?

You can find these anywhere, Target, Amazon and any small business stores. Here are my favourites below including numbered and alphabet ones. 

If you’re looking for ways to use these toys other than the obvious games you could play, I’ll be linking some super fun ways in which you can use them including super fun printables to use! 

Some super simple ways to use them with toddlers and preschoolers and onto classroom use and special education below. 

Pop it fun for toddlers 

Toddlers will have a blast with these super simple games to play using any type of pop it. I love the rainbow coloured ones because they will usually be the ones that you can make more games from. 

  • How fast can you pop? This game is super simple, ask the toddler how fast they can pop every bubble on their pop it. Make it a competition with another child. 
  • Pop the orange / blue / red bubbles: this game you want the toddler to start recognising colours, have them pop the bubbles as they learn! Ask them to pop only the ‘orange’ bubbles etc. 
  • Can you pop 2 / 3 / 4 bubbles: basic one to one correspondence, this will help the child learn to count. Show them the number on your fingers and have them pop only that many. 
  • Pop it Pom Pom match: have the child use tongs to match the Pom Poms onto the fidget popper. 

Things to do with a pop it fidget toy

There are some super simple games that kids can play to further develop their skills with these fidget poppers. 

  • Play a game of who can pop the fastest? 
  • Have the child pop their age (number) and one to one. You could also write the numbers on a pop it toy using a marker (I’ve tried this and it works) or you could use stickers. 
  • Pop only the purple bubbles (for a time limit). This is a fun one, have them only pop one colour for a time limit, 2, 5 minutes etc. 

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Pop it fidget in a sentence 

If you’re using these pop its in the classroom or your homeschool, try using the pop it’s in a sentence. This would be perfect for ELL / special education students. They read the word then pop the bubble (one word = one bubble). They learn to identify sentence structure. Teach Starter has more ways to use it. 

Pop it activities for special education 

Having those pop its on hand for phonemic awareness and further practice skills is so important. I’ve outlined a way you could use it with ELL kids above, on building structured sentences. 

Pop it bubble game

Literacy and Phonics Activities with Pop-It Fidget Toys

  1. Alphabet letters: show the child a letter card like these super cute alphabet cards, then ask them to pop the letter. 
  2. Alphabet letter sounds: do the same but with sounds. 
  3. Alphabet song: do the same but sing along to the alphabet song. 
  4. Sounding out words: say a word and pop a bubble for each phoneme (CVC words) cards below. 

Math and Number Activities with Pop-It Fidget Toys

There are so many ways you can play math and number activities with poppers. You can basically do this without writing the numbers for practising counting and more. 

Teaching Mama: outlined some super effective ways to play multiplication games and using a 100 chart with poppers. 

Number Maths Pop

This game is super simple for preschoolers and special education kids alike, show them the number in digit or dice format and have them pop that many. 

Want to try a free set? Grab it at the end of this post below!

These number flashcards are perfect for small groups, preschool fine motor tubs and more. Just print the cards and place them into task boxes for kids to pick and pop their numbers.

Great for working on one to one correspondence and number digit match.

You can also grab the full pack to include more task cards into your centers, these focus on phoneme sound isolation and recognition and more number sense activities and all the cards include number and letter formation!

You can also grab this Pop It Set from TPT here.

Roll Maths Pop 

Another super simple way to play this number game, have the kids roll a die and then pop that many on their pop it toys. 

If you’re looking for more pop it activities, definitely look into buying this bundle of task cards (which fit perfectly into these photo boxes from Amazon.

I’m completely obsessed with them!) specifically made for preschoolers and special education.

It includes a variety of ways in which kids can continue to consolidate their skills and build upon more skills. 

Free Pop It Task Cards

Click on the picture to unlock the download below.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Pop it games to play, some of the best toys for learning letters and numbers for special education. Play is the best way we can infuse ‘learning’! 😉 

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