Christmas First Grade Reading

Exercise Reading Comprehension Non Fiction Texts About Christmas

Looking for some fun Exercise Reading Comprehension Christmas Around the World? These FREE passages are leveled AND include activities to dig deeper into each text! What better way to teach kids all about the spirit of Christmas with reading texts around the world!

Exercise Reading Comprehension Non Fiction Texts About Christmas
Reading Comprehension Passages Christmas (1)

Non fiction Texts About Christmas

Welcome to the first monthly iTeach Second link up. Each month a group of educational authors will come together to share some amazing tips and resources. This month, I will be sharing a Christmas activity resource to get kids reading something fun and finding evidence in the text!

Leveled Reading Passages

They are so easy to use, just print laminate and hand them out to students in groups/individually. These passages about Hawaii include ways in which people in Hawaii celebrate Christmas.

There are questions on each card that the students can use to delve even deeper into the text! I like to laminate these and use and re-use them throughout the year.

Exercise Reading Comprehension Non Fiction Texts About Christmas | 1st grade reading comprehension | b1 reading comprehension | CHristmas reading

I’ve now combined ALL 40 Christmas and Holidays around the world task cards into one super convenient bundle. There are six cards in total with two levels. Level 1 is of grades 1-3 reading level and level 2 is of K-1 reading level. You may choose the set that you want to print out, laminate and reuse. I use the easier sets with my ESL students. Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills teachers can impart to their students. Help students develop critical thinking skills with this set.

Why Children Struggle with Reading Comprehension

Students often struggle with reading comprehension. These students often find it hard to comprehend what they read.

There are four different types of comprehension questions that can be asked when reading a passage, the main one being who, what, where, and when. The skills behind these questions can be mastered by using repetitive exercises.

A learner’s reading comprehension is an important skill that will be used in their life. It has been shown that reading is the best way to increase your reading comprehension skills, but what about when they don’t have access to books? There are many ways to help students through this.

One way students can improve their reading comprehension skills is by taking a timed quiz after they read a passage. This helps them find out if they understood the passage or not and it also gives them an understanding of how long the passage took them to read. These passages also include questions in which students can practice to help them delve deeper into the test. Students can also answer questions in groups after reading each paragraph in order to understand how well they are grasping what they are reading.

These strategies will help any student with their reading comprehension skills, regardless of whether or not they have access to books or not.

More Christmas Activities for Children

Click on the links below to access these fun activities and freebies for the festive season.

Beginners Reading Comprehension Passages

These passages can be used by beginners (level 2) as they are differentiated. Want to try a copy of these with your students? Find the Hawaii free printable here and the Norway Printable at the post below!

Exercise Reading Comprehension Non Fiction Texts About Christmas | 1st grade reading comprehension | b1 reading comprehension | CHristmas reading

Furthermore, I am linking up with some wonderful second grade teachers with this idea, so make sure you visit the links below to grab some fresh new ideas/resources for your classroom!

>> Click Here to Download Hawaii Passages <<

Wishing you a Merry Christmas! 😉


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