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Christmas Activity Printables Kids

First week off from and I have to admit I do feel a lot better considering how crazy the last week was! Although, this week was all about chores, chores and more chores before the Christmas craziness begins!

  1. So, considering it is already December 11. I decided to begin Christmas shopping. I went with my mom and she ended up buying most of her presents, as for me… NOPE. I only bought one for my niece. And that’s not even done yet! There was just way too many people at the shopping centers these days that I felt crowded lol.
There are two kinds of people when Christmas decorations appear in the shops...

Christmas Activity Printables Kids

2. Recently, I’ve posted these fun Christmas writing prompts where kids can ‘create’ the mood of their character. It’s fun and gives students an incentive to write.

Here’s a picture of them in use:


Essentially the kids cut out their choice of eyes and lips and glasses and paste it onto their ‘Santa’. The Christmas edition includes:

– 3 reindeer writing prompt crafts
– 3 Santa writing prompt crafts
– 3 ornament writing prompt crafts
– 3 elf writing prompt crafts
– 3 gingerbread writing prompt crafts
– 3 star writing prompt crafts
You can download a FREE craft in the preview HERE.

I’ve also posted a new interactive notebook freebie also Christmas themed! Love this one! Students sort between holidays, days, years and months.


3. Did you know that there’s a “Parents Calling Santa” app? What a great way to get kids to behave this Christmas! Santa will call and ‘speak’ to your kids. Can see it working in a classroom too!

4. I’ve started a new series for writing sentences and vocabulary practice. I combined these two as we can easily adapt them per season/theme. I called it ‘Sentence Builders‘ – kids love to feel like they are building or making something new. They are an easy cut and paste activity pages to help students arrange their sentences and re-write it along with learning their vocabulary words.


5. I will be attempting Christmas cookies this year! I am looking for some awesome recipes if anyone knows!! 🙂

Cute cookies to make with Aidan for Christmas next year!


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