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10+ Easy Life Hacks for School Mornings (you wish you knew earlier)

There’s nothing like having the perfect school morning where everything runs smoothly. When you follow some cool life hacks for school mornings that is. 

I love writing all about the back to school chaos, because once done right – it all flows so easily each year.

You get to school on time, with your lunch in toe, after sending the kids off to their correct classrooms, not forgetting your clothes of course, anyone else had that dream? 

Yea. That was and still is my worst nightmare. 

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Morning hacks for kids

If you want to get your kids up early in the morning, you might need to get yourself in on some hacks for the morning run. 

For mothers, finding easy life hacks for school mornings are like little gems, so when you come across one that works, you use it year on year religiously.

Hack 1. Try to get your kids sleeping a little earlier for thee consecutive nights before the actual night before school. 

Start with routines like dinner on time, bath and then read a book before bed. 

This will get your kids ready for some time before they start that early morning rise to school. They will feel fresh and happy to go back. 

Back to school printables you might like:

Hack 2. Have a reward ready for the kids for actually achieving this goal of waking up early.

Have their favorite meal ready for eating or if you know they love a chocolatey cereal, buy this for them specifically to encourage them to wake up on those mornings before school starts. 

By now you would have started the four phases of habit formation.

The trigger, ritual, reward and repetition (doing this for three mornings before the actual morning of school). 

It may be no easy feat but having some reward ready like a reward chart for your kids at home below, will make them more inclined to get up and follow the rules. 

Hack 3. Have a sheet ready with the kids favourite lunches and let them pick their lunch for the week. 

This not only will help them transition into school better. But it will also help them look forward to some normalcy at home. 

We all know how crazy the back to school season is, all kids need is some sort of security.


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Hack 4. Have a homework station ready with pretty stationary for your kids to look forward using during homework times. They at not always want to do homework but they might if they get to use their favorite dot markers! 

Back to school hacks for teachers 

I’m always making this list longer and longer. I will include some of my favorite teacher hacks for back to school right here linking them to some pretty cool Instagram pages. 

Don’t forget, I love being classroom ready with some cute and inviting bulletin boards. 

These are some of my favorites below! 

Bulletin Boards for Back to School:

I always have a massive supply of these photo storage boxes. They are normally on sale on amazon or large supply stores. 

Store all kinds of things in these boxes like set up task cards, add manipulatives inside the boxes and more. 

Check the storage boxes in bulk here for a massive deal. 

Storing specific things for the Classroom like smaller items, check out this simple hack for headphones. 

Looking for a simple warm up activity to do this your class? These are super clever and you can get these activities done for each morning as the students trickle in. 

I am constantly working on my students self esteem. It boosts their confidence, energy and in turn helps them learn and achieve more.

Check out these super cute affirmation station cards.

I’ve made a llama affirmation station set right here.

Log in cards make everything SO much easier! I plan to make a set for each student in my class with an editable set.

I love finding new life hacks for school mornings and I find that these tips are great to have on hand at the start of the year.

My adult students need these too!

Another morning hack for getting your students reviewing any skills. Phonics, spelling, vocabulary and more. 

Looking for the best whiteboard erasers? Please no more black marks on the board. 

Look no further than these microfiber clothes

I love having some classroom management techniques on hand, like these super cute signs here. 

I’ll be back with more tips and tricks for the back to school season!

There's nothing like having the perfect school morning where everything runs smoothly. When you follow some cool life hacks for school mornings that is. find 10+ morning hacks for kids and teachers for that back to school season!

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