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40 Back to School Funny Quotes That Make Will Make You Say “So True!”

These 20 funny back to school quotes will get you belly laughin’. Ah back to school time! That time when even the most prepared and organised teachers get jitters, nervousness, anxiety and the whole works! Anyone else feel this way too? I’m sure I’m not the only one! 😉

back to school humour

Although you don’t wish this upon anyone at all, you truly do feel a LOT better knowing the rest of the teacher world is going through the same emotions as you.

And let’s be real, feeling like a part of a tribe is MUCH better than feeling like you’re alone right?

These funny back to school quotes and memes will show you some FUN and TRUE memes and quotes that almost every teacher feels during back to school time.

If you’re looking for motivational quotes and mindful coloring, I’ve got some of those here for you. They would make for a great back to school gift to a teacher friend too.

These are not created by myself (I wish I were that funny ;P), but I have searched and complied them from my fellow (more comedic) teacher blogging buddies. Read on for some laughs! 😉

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Funny Back to School Quotes

This quote made from a user on Some Ecards had the right idea. Although we’re from Australia, so we will be counting down all the way to our summer Christmas break. Now that is a looong count down. 😉

back to school quotes for teachers

Now this is one quote from Julie Faulkner’s Blog that can resonate with teachers across the globe! Australian teachers would be on their mid-semester break (which is winter break) and it is a 3 week one (although it definitely does go by ‘faster than Burt ina transam’). 😉

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back to school quotes for teachers

This one from The Educator’s Room is a classic. The expression on Jennifer Lawrence’s face just remarkably imitates a teacher’s expression on their first week (and sometimes month) back to school!

back to school memes for teachers
back to school funnies for teachers
back to school memes

And of course, we can’t have a roundup of memes without including some from the ever so AWESOME Bored Teachers.

Firstly, who doesn’t love Matt Damon in the Martian! Absolute favourite of mine! I just have to say I shall NEVER look at a potato the same way again – LOL.

Ok, we really don’t need any words to describe this one from Middle School Mob! SO on point! 😉

teachers going back to school after christmas break

We all LOVE PD of course – but do we really really need another one?? 😉 Had to include this one from the Pensive Sloth.

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first day of school memes

This one from Sunshine Sand and Scissors is hilarious. PS: favourite movie of all time! 😉

back to school quotes memes

Our inner thoughts FOR REAL. 😉 This one is from Buzzfeed quoting from the always awesome show The Office.

first day of school memes
school memes for teachers

This also from Bored Teachers cracked me up! What do you do to try to keep your supplies from disappearing? Does anyone else feel possessive about their supplies or just me? 😛

Another one from Teach Outside the Box. Isn’t this just OUR worst nightmare? The laminator OR the printer. UGH!

back to school quotes memes
back to school funny memes

More back to school quotes funny

This one from Class of Kinders is on point. What do you carry to school? I literally use my car as an office. #truestory.

back to school funny teachers

Um, yes! This one is from We Are Teachers.

teacher humour

And of course, we always look for the silver lining. 😉 This is one is from Teachers with Humor.

teacher funny back to school

Um, YES. We actually have SO many copier problems that we now joke about ‘how many teachers are in the queue to use the copier’. Of all the Back to School Quotes we’ve read, this one is the #StoryofOurLives.

teacher funny back to school

This one from a user called Soaring_Sandy (no link) is sadly SO TRUE. Who else wouldn’t? A blink and before you know it – back to school. And it seems as though summer goes by in a FLASH!

back to school humour teachers
teacher humour back to school

This one from Teacher Way of Life is simply FUNNY and true! Out of all these Back to School Quotes, this one is one that can be used YEAR ROUND.

back to school teachers be like
funny back to school quotes for teachers

Of course, teachers leaving school for the first weekend is very accurately described by Depp.

teacher back to school quotes

WE cannot forget a meme by the one and only the Office! 😉

fun back to school quotes

It’s such a funny thing, how time literally FLIES during summer break. Here we are, back to school again.

first day back to school quotes

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I’m not sure about you, but I’m REALLY confused that first week back to school on what I actually NEED.

And you bet your bottom I’ll be running to that first lunch break like BB8 did here.

first day of school meme

This one made me crack up, if you’re a Star Wars fan, you love it!

first day back to school quotes

Don’t look directly at that meme above, it’ll drive you to the loonies bin.

Just don’t call me about back to school stuff, EVER.

funny classroom quotes

This cracked me up, what preschooler doesn’t have this face when you tell them you don’t actually LIVE at school?

school quotes funny

We all know those back to school weeks when we’re just run down and all the cold and flu bugs from the kids and staff are going around and weaving their way to us.

We just can’t take another sick day, can we?

first day of school quotes for teachers

It’s actually a requirement or necessity now, after what we have been through as teachers. Remember COVID? Yea. No one else tackled that better than teachers did.

funny education quotes

When you’re desperate, you’ll turn to those impossible leave requests.

I’m not sure about you, but that first week of school does bring retirement vibes. If you haven’t thought about them, you can be sure that you will during those first few weeks of school.

back to school after winter break meme

Another thing is, why does Walmart, Target and Co ALL decide to start back to school ads in early June.

It’s JUNE! Let it be.

Anyway, as much as I love buying all the supplies, I still need my precious break over summer.

first day of school quotes funny


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