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12 Free Back to School Kindergarten Activities

It’s important to get to know your kiddos in those first few weeks. This helps you better prepare for the year ahead. We, as teachers are always learning about our students!

1. If you Take a Mouse to School Craft Activity: this fun activity craft can be used along with the book! It includes a short writing task along with the craft. Read on about it right HERE.

2. School Bus Name Activity: this one is so clever for getting the students to learn how to write their names! Nothing like visual and fun examples like the bus to help them do so! Read on about it HERE and download the free activity.

Need some more Back to School Freebies, Ideas, Hacks and Resources? Be sure to see our Back to School Goodies page! Bookmark it and come back to it often as we add more resources to it!

3. Number Order with Bears: this fun and free activity involves kids ordering number bear cards as well as number word cards. Check it out right HERE on Top Notch Teaching and HERE to download the activity directly.

4. All About Me Pennant Banner (Back to School): this activity is such a great way to get to know your students! The best part about it is that you could hang it as a banner for quick reference. Click HERE to read more and download it.

5.Letter recognition is important at the start of school. Why not play these fun letter matching activities for those first few weeks at school in kindergarten?. Read about them HERE and download the free activity pack.

6. Back to School Rule Posters FREE: these posters are a great way to reinforce rules in your classroom in those first few weeks back. We know that we will be repeating rules all year round, but having them as posters greatly impacts how kids perceive them and how much they will in turn follow them! Check them out HERE.

7. School Rules Management: these group activities also help reinforce school rules as a whole class! Check them out HERE.

8. Back to School Uppercase and Lowercase Apple Matching Activity Free: This activity is a great way to reinforce uppercase and lowercase identification. I used this activity with my ESL group and it was a hit! Check it out HERE.

9. My Book of Back to School Words: this activity reinforces vocabulary for back to school for kinders and even in first grade. Best of all, kids get to take this activity book home! Check it out HERE.

10. Back to School Hello Hello Icebreaker and Activity: this is a fun fill in the blanks song that the kids complete and then share! It’s great for those kids who are shy or come from an ESL background. Check it out HERE.

If you’re looking for some super cute bus activitieshelp you smooth your way into the year, these printables and crafts are a perfect way to start the year with preschoolers and kindergarten kids.! 😉


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