Winter Math & Grammar Printables FREEBIE

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One thing I love is making printables for multiple skills such as math & literacy. The amount of practice and engagement that students get out of these printables is SUPERB. I started using them about a year ago in class and in my tutoring sessions. I set them for homework, group work or simply class work! Here are some of the pages in action!

Here, students had to match the number word to the numeral on the sheet and paste the missing hats on the correct snowmen in the winter math printables pack.
Here is some place value fun! Students match the addition equation to match the number value on the left. Bear themed and FUN!
There are multiple sheets in the math winter printables to cover skills over a number of pages.
This is sheet is from the grammar printables pack. Students cut and paste the skates in alphabetical order.
Also from the grammar printables pack. Here, students color the houses which include sentences with correct punctuation.

Here, students cut and paste the tens and ones to match the numeral on the left. A place value activity from the math winter printables.

Lastly, here are a couple of pages from the math printables pack to try for yourself! Just click on the images to get the freebie.


If you’d like to take a look at the full pack of both skills which includes over 160+ pages of activities here is the bundle at 40% off!

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