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Rhyming Puzzles Under the Sea Whales

Rhyming puzzles Under the Sea. Are you looking for some FUN rhyming activities? These puzzles would make for an AWESOME back to school or summer activity! Get kids reading words and matching the rhyming sounds.

This activity will pair well with these love themed rhyming set and these bee themed rhyming set.


Looking for a pup themed rhyming set? Check out these pup and bone rhyming puzzles HERE.


This activity is so simple to set up and your kids will love finding the rhyming match!

To play:

  • print and laminate the whale puzzles (below)
  • cut up the puzzles in half and place them in a small plastic bag or file folder.
  • the students will then begin by choosing a puzzle piece and reading the word on the whale card and finding a matching rhyming sound with the other. I like placing them in two piles.


I usually do this activity after we’ve been practicing some blends with these hole punch cards or the clip write and wipe cards here.

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