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Poster Ideas for School All About Me Worksheet with Coloring Pictures

Looking for an All About Me activity for back to school? These free and fun poster ideas for school worksheets will be a hit with your students! These will be a great way to get to know the students, to have them get to know their new classmates or even as a fun way to find out students birthdays!

school poster ideas
School Poster Ideas All About me

Super Fun Poster Ideas for School

I like handing these posters out to students in the morning as they come in and have them fill out their information, color their posters and then hang them up! Do you have young kids in kindergarten and preschool? They will usually love to talk about themselves, or even have the opportunity to discuss their names, what they like etc.

These pages are a great way to get kids talking about themselves through the posters, for instance you can get each student to fill them out and then swap their papers with a friend and begin to describe that friend through the information they wrote. What a fun idea!

All About Me Poster Ideas

I usually also hang these posters up to showcase classmates and promote friendship. These school poster ideas also help students master writing about their personal details like their name, age, favourite things, and using their creativity and imagination to draw about themselves.

They get so excited about decorating their posters!

How to use these poster ideas for school?

Poster ideas for school are a great way to get students to think creatively. It is not just about drawing pictures on the board, but also about getting them involved in the lesson and making them understand the concepts.

Some of the most common ways to create posters are by using shapes, colors, or pictures.

You can make your own, depending on the theme you are going for. Posters are a great way to engage students in the classroom. If you’re not sure what to put on the poster, there are many different templates that you can use.

1. You can use a template that has pictures and words on it.

2. You can also create your own posters with images, text, and graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint.

3. Another option is to use an online tool like Canva which lets you upload images and type text into templates that are already set up for you.

All About Me Poster Ideas

The All About Me activity included in this blog post is ladybug themed with kids.

I’ve made other themes which are available in my store including emoticon / emoji themed All About Me posters, Bug or Insect Themed Posters, Honey Bear Themed Posters, and Frog Themed Posters.

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School Posters Ideas All About Me Page

The posters above are included in the emoji themed posters.

Ideas for Posters for School

The above poster is from the Frog Posters Set.

About Me Poster Ideas

Students can even fill these out for their partners or they can fill them out and then paste them into their notebooks as cover pages. There are many ways to use these! Below is the Honey Bear themed posters.

Back to School poster

You can get the full BUNDLE which includes all of these along with any future updates at 34% off HERE.


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all about me poster
poster back to school

The ladybug version includes a choice of a boy or a girl! 😉

>>Click here to download your copy.<<



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