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Calm Down Snowman Kit Promote a Way to Help Kids Deal with Feelings!

Looking for a way to get kids to identify and deal with their emotions? Kids find this particularly difficult. Coping skills for kids are the number one reason I get e-mails in my inbox asking me for ways to help kids identify and handle their emotions. This super cute snowman themed calm down snowman kit will encourage your kids to identify the emotion associated with negative feelings and then finding an appropriate positive behaviour task to do to counteract it.

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Calm Down Snowman Chart

Calm Down Snowman Chart Easy and Simple Setup

This clip chart is such a clever way to encourage positive behaviours. Kids often feel many emotions that they are unsure of how to deal with. Here are some simple ways to get them to identify with their feelings.

  • Teach them all about their emotions and the different feelings they might have.
  • Be sure to tell them that those emotions are normal and that everyone at some point has them
  • Explain the differences between emotions and behaviours.
  • Validate their feelings. There’s nothing worse than seeing your students or child feel isolated because they may be ashamed of their emotions.
  • Teach them on how to regulate their feelings.
  • Easy ways to calm down: count to ten, deep breathing exercises, take a break, calm-down kit (like the one below), problem solve with your students or child, identify mood boosters and use them.

How to setup this Calm Down kit


  • pegs
  • calm down kit (below)
  • printer
  • laminator

Print the calm down clip chart and laminate each page. If you have an A3 printer and laminator, you can also print on large poster paper which would make this clip chart super durable and interesting for kids. I printed it and used it right in our homeschool room and pinned it onto the cork board.

Calm Down Snowman Chart 3

Cut out the snowman pieces and be sure to have each piece stapled to the snowman head. They come in pieces of two. Do this after they are laminated. After you’re done, hang the snowman clip chart onto the cork board or even on top of a book nook. That way you can combine the reading component and the ‘calm down’ activity with reading.

Prepare some pegs with the students’ names on them. You can see the pegs in the picture below:

Calm Down Snowman Chart 6

How to use the Calm Down Kit

Explain that this is the snowman clip chart you will use to help the students calm down when they are feeling mad. Or when they experience negative emotions. When they feel these emotions, they must choose a task to complete on the snowman and then use the peg with their name on it to clip the task they will complete.

When they do this, they can either keep the peg on the task or take the peg and place it back into the container.

Pick up your calm down snowman kit below!

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