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Beginning Sounds Superhero Printables Free for Beginning Readers


Looking for some beginning sounds superhero printables for your students? These ideas will be perfect for your ELL students and your mainstream kids.

I’ve posted a fun digraph sh/ch superhero sorting game which you could grab from the blog post once you subscribe to the newsletter.


4. I found this end of year idea so cute I had to share for those who are finalizing the year in the U.S and Canada! The link is HERE for more info.

End of the year/ future career door decoration:

5. This week I will be prepping some new magazine articles and using them to practice some more on main idea activities. My students also will need to use the dictionary word search graphic organizer I actually had one of them ask me how to ‘remember’ their words.



Until next time! 😉

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  1. LOVE the shades idea! I had a brain bleed earlier this year and I wear shades because the florescent lights give me a headache, it is my normal now, how fun would that be to put up a display like this one!
    thank you, Paula

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