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Social Skills to Include in Your Homeschool

Learning social skills is very important. The good news is that these skills are something you can easily incorporate into your home school curriculum, regardless of the age of your children. Here are a few fun examples to consider.

If you’re looking for some printable ideas to use in the classroom, check out this Social Skills bundle jam packed with ideas and printables you can use instantaneously.

Play Board Games

Believe it or not, playing board games is a great way for kids to learn (or brush up on) their social skills.

Game play requires participants to do things like take turns and follow rules. It also teaches kids how to be good sports, whether they win or lose.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to shell out the money for brand-new games, visit your local thrift store or look on eBay. Some libraries rent out board games as well.

Check out how to make an encouragement box also to build upon kids’ social and emotional skills.

Plant a Container Garden

Allow your kids to work together to plant a container or “community” garden.

Assign the group task of deciding what to plant. Once the garden begins to grow, ask everyone to work together to take care of it.

Team Sports

Every team sport requires social skills.

Whatever sport you decide to play, remind your kids how important it is to encourage and respect each other throughout the competition.

It doesn’t need to be anything rigorous. Bowling is just one example of a non-strenuous (but fun) sport.

Have a Staring Contest

Eye contact is an important part of being sociable. Having a staring contest is a silly way to practice good eye contact.

You can even give a small prize to the winners, if desired.

This is just a small example of social skills activities to include in your home school.

As you can see, these activities are fairly easy to put into place and won’t break the bank.

These preschool activities at home are perfect at any stage.

The idea is to get children more involved by making these activities as fun as you possibly can.

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Here’s a fun social activity game printable that students can play together.

Directions: have the students work in pairs and choose a color for a dauber to dab a dot.

They roll the dice and see how gets the highest points to see who will start.

Once they start, they will take turns to dab-a-dot around the smiley face.

They then answer the questions after they’ve finished the activity.

They finally color the smiley face.

The idea here is that they should dab the dots and stay within the lines whilst also working together to get the best picture they can.

This activity builds trust and team work.

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