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Non Fiction Texts Insects

These non fiction texts on insects are perfect for differentiating your reading in a classroom.

Some listening ideas for ESL too. We completed them by listening to them and then I’d write a few questions about them on the board – and we finally play a game in groups where students will write about the story together (each person in the group would write 2 lines and so on). Finally, we will read the stories together. So much fun!

Here are some link for level 1.

Here are some links for level 2.

Here are some links for level 3.


3. I’ve finally completed my last three packets in my interactive grammar activity books. I will be posting a bundle soon YAY! Here are the latest! Posessive Pronouns are here and Indefinite Pronouns are here.

This file is a stand alone activity pack to help kids understand and use possessive pronouns. A guide is given with an example before they begin their task. They cut out the shoes and then re-write the sentences using correct possessive pronouns and finally glue them into their notebooks.:

Non Fiction Leveled Texts Insects

I’ve finally reached the TPT milestone this week and I am celebrating with a free resource in my store. Nonfiction reading task cards for ESL and mainstream students. They are HERE. 🙂

This pack would make a good addition to your science unit on insects. I created it for reading & comprehension fluency. These cards are non-fictional passages about insects. There are six cards in total with two levels. Level 1 is of grades 1-3 reading level and level 2 is of K-1 reading level. FREE:

5. Finally, I’ve posted some fun and humorous quotes that you could print and hang in your classroom! They are at this blog post HERE.

Motivational quotes & posters free


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