How to teach shoe tying to children

Let’s be honest—shoe tying isn’t always the easiest task to teach to young kids as it can be hard to explain and requires a lot of patience. Nonetheless, practice makes perfect and gamifying the process can also make it a little easier and more fun! 

These shoe tying activities from adidas are the perfect way to help teach your kid how to tie their back to school sneakers this year all on their own. Find out how to use these printable activities below: 

How to teach shoe tying with a sequencing activity 

This sequence activity is a great way for your child to get the shoe tying steps down before they try it on their own with real laces. Once you’ve verbally gone over the steps with your child, print out the sheet and have them cut out each step pictured. Then, mix up the steps and have your child put them in the correct order. Once they have the steps memorized and know the correct order, move onto the next activity where they can practice with real laces. 

Check out the shoe tying sequence activity here

Shoe tying cutout cards 

These shoe tying cards can help your kiddo practice shoe tying before graduating to actual shoes. Cut out each shoe template, punch out the lace holes with a hole puncher then lace up the cards with shoe laces. Try using two different colored laces to help your child differentiate one from the other. Have them practice on these cards for a while and once mastered, have them try to tie their own shoes! 

Check out the shoe tying cutout cards for shoe tying practice here.

Shoe tying certificate 

Once your kiddo has finally mastered shoe tying, congratulate them with this shoe tying certificate. After all their hard work, it’ll feel good to feel accomplished and let them know they’re officially a part of the adidas shoe tying club. 

Check out the shoe tying certificate here

Though shoe tying requires a lot of practice and patience for you and your kiddos, these activities can hopefully help make the process more enjoyable! 

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