5 Best Frugal Ideas for a Kids Day Out The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Whenever we have ideas to go out with the family, we always feel like we get stumped on easy frugal ideas that the whole family will love. It’s a little harder when you have 2 or more kids in tow for a fun kids day out.

This post will outline some of the most simple ways you can enjoy a day out – and not having to spend an arm and a leg!

Frugal ideas for a fun day out with the kids * this post contains affiliate links

Kids Fun Places Near Me

This is the most popular phrase typed up in 2022 and it’s no wonder! However, I have found that the following list of things to do with the whole family won’t break and arm and a leg for a whole day.

Sometimes, we just need some good old ideas that don’t break the bank and, you know… Doesn’t make us say things like this:

kids day out meme mom meme people without kids meme

A) Find nearby cafe with a park. The kids can play in areas where you can see them, have them playing on swings, running around on grass and more.

When you’re short on cash and time, this is the perfect ‘search’ for a frugal day out with the kids.

B) Find a nearby museum or art gallery. Kids will love ‘seeing new things’. They will also be fascinated by the history of animals at a museum.

C) Plan a picnic at a nearby park area. Look for parks with little to no watersides to make it safer for the kids, and choose a location that is shady. We usually go super early to snag a great spot for the whole family to enjoy.

D) If your kids are of that age, you could plan a hike somewhere near. You could also plan a bike ride in a park nearby.

E) If your kids are up for it, you could plan a movie night with cousins or friends. The kids would love this idea!

Kids Fun Places Near Me In Texas

These are some of the most popular fun places for kids in Texas (other parents have said they are some of the cheapest outings).

kids day out frugal fun day out for family

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Mt Playmore: great area for kids to play.

Jumping World: great outdoor area for kids to jump on trampolines and more.

Itz’ Family Food and Fun: another great place for the whole family to enjoy outdoors.

Don’t forget to check out easy outdoor activities for kids for some more fun outdoor ideas.

Family Attractions Near Me in Sydney

Since Sydney, Australia also has some great options for family outdoor fun, here are some favorites.

Jungle Buddies Party n Play

Monkey Mania

Kids World Playland and Cafe

Indoor Things to Do Near Me

Sometimes, the best options we have are indoor options, because the weather may not lay fair. Here are some of the best options for kids and indoor activities.

Under the Sea (Los Angelos)

Kidtopia Indoor Play Center

Kids Empire Aneheim

Overall, it’s essential that we try to incorporate as much time as possible with the kids while we can.

We’ve covered the fun and frugal ideas for a day out, but what about the night?

Having some family friendly ideas for evenings and nights with kids can be challenging.

Looking for family night ideas? Proud Happy Mamma has a list of over 50 fun family night ideas and the best part? There is something for everyone!

Finding frugal ideas can be difficult, but with some research and planning, the whole family can have a great time!

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