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5+ Best Homemade Birthday Card for Dad (Ideas to Personalise)

There are so many things you can do for dad’s birthday. Making it a special day with homemade card for dad ideas will truly make his day.

To wish dad happy birthday with a greeting card isn’t enough these days, am I right?! =P

Homemade birthday card ideas for dad the whole family can make * this post contains affiliate links

Homemade Birthday Card for Dad

Having birthday candles on dad’s birthday with a simple cake is great but why not make it even more special?

Why do dads enjoy birthday cards? Is it because the love the way they look? Not likely. Kids will love creating these cards because they naturally gravitate towards crafts and things they can make with their hands.

DIY Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are so much fun to personalise and make. Sometimes homemade birthday card ideas with a personal message can come from a craft store, but also, the internet has now come a long way in bringing gift cards and birthday gift ideas more personal.

Check out this super cute father’s day pizza craft which can double as a birthday card:

It’s a good idea to make milestone birthdays the perfect way to spend a crafty morning. Use washi tape to make a simple superhero birthday card like this one:

superhero card for dad
Superhero Card by DIY inspired

Dads love simple birthday card made by their kids with a special message.

Why not edit this card in Canva and make it memorable. These are free templates you can use. Simply buy a tasty birthday cake and you’re done!

Father’s day card ideas are also very similar to these birthday card ideas for dad.

Pick up this free download below at the end of this post!

Coloring birthday homemade card
Free coloring birthday card from kids

I love this card from Canva, if you own a cat, you could even personalise it and add your card to the cover.

card for dad funny

Pick up this ‘coolest cat in town printable at this link here: Canva for Coolest Cat in Town Birthday Card for Dad.

World’s coolest pop, also a great birthday card for dads. Add your own personal message to this one.

happy birthday card for dad

Grab your link here: Happy birthday to dad coolest pop in the world.

Birthday for Dad Craft Ideas

Check out this expandable birthday card from Red Ted Art:

Super cute and you can even personalise it at the top of the card.

Expandable Birthday Card for dad
Birthday Card for Dad craft ideas

Sentimental Birthday Card Ideas

These printable cards are perfect if you’re in a rush and need something pronto.

Heartfelt card and cute card ideas cannot ever be resisted by family members. Finding a great dad birthday card is simple. Check out these ideas from Amazon I LOVE and you can add the personal ‘homemade’ touch to them in a minute:

DIY Father’s Day Cards

These cards can definitely double as cards for birthdays or for father’s day, just like these super cute handprint poem poster set for dads.. If you have a great father figure in your life, a simple card like these ideas would be a great way to have fun and a little chuckle for the entire family.

Check these out from Garden Pea Designs.

FREE Homemade Birthday Card for Dad
Birthday Cards coloring for FREE

Kids can also personalise these super cute monster cards and give them to dad.

Grab these from Mama Pearson.

FREE Homemade Birthday Card for Dad
FREE happy birthday card for dad

FREE Homemade Birthday Card for Dad

FREE Homemade Birthday Card for Dad

Click on the download link below to grab this printable for free!

>>> Click here to download this free printable. <<<

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