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Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

One thing I love about fall is the fact that there are LOTS and LOTS of things to get excited about. Pumpkins, acorns, leaves, and best of all pumpkin pie! In Australia, we don’t have much of a hype about fall as much as over on the other side of the planet – but we still LOVE our pumpkins (or maybe it’s just our family). This fall themed sensory bin will be a hit with your preschoolers! They get to pick different pegs and remove the picture they chose then match it with its identical picture found in the ‘squirrel hideout’. It’s a great game to get the kids involved in learning about fall items while fine tuning their fine motor skills and best of all exploring their senses by playing with wheat! 😉

This week we have been enjoying the featured book from the Kids Virtual Book Club, we read Scaredy Squirrel so I decided to create this fun Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match activity to compliment it.


You will need:

  • 1 kg wheat bag
  • round toilet rolls
  • brown paper (to create logs with toilet paper)
  • Acorn and Squirrel images (below)
  • pegs
  • 1 medium sized tub

Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

TO make your ‘logs’, get some recycled toilet paper rolls and small squared brown paper (I bought them from here). They’re the perfect size for toilet rolls as no cutting is required, just roll the glue and stick it on!

Before we started, I got Bella familiar with  the acorn and squirrel images, she loved naming the color on each acorn and squirrel card. I then placed the wheat in the tub and spread it out. I placed a peg on each card so that it is easy for Bella to pull out and choose each card. I also wanted her to work on her fine motor skills by removing each peg from the card before placing it on the side.

After the tub was prepared and ready for Bella to start, we began the activity.

I asked her to choose one card at a time. As she pulled each card out, she identified the picture on the card along with the color. Then we placed it on the side of our table.

Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

After pulling out each card, I got Bella to identify which picture she needs to match. We had some images but not the matching pair. So I encouraged her to look for the matching picture as she chose each card.

Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

Of course, we stopped in between to play and scoop out wheat.

Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

We then matched the picture pairs on the table beside the tub:

Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels Color Picture Match

Looking for some more literacy themed vocabulary activities? These interactive fall vocabulary books will engage your little learners.

Download the fun Fall Sensory Bin Acorns and Squirrels pictures below.

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