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Alphabet Order Conversation Hearts Free

Alphabet Order Conversation Hearts Free Cards. How do you teach alphabet order? I created these strips to help kids identify letters before, after and in between. If given a lot of practice, kids begin to recall their letter order. These strips are extremely easy to setup and use!

Alphabet Order Conversation Hearts FreeThis activity will pair well with these alphabet sounds puzzles!

Valentine - Broken Hearts {Beginning Sounds}

Alphabet Order Conversation Hearts Free Cards

What you’ll need to set up this activity:

  • scissors
  • laminator
  • A4 colored/white paper
  • two empty baskets
  • dry erase markers

Once you’ve printed, laminated and cut up the strips, you can place the strips in one basket and label it (missing hearts) and the other (completed strips). The kids then read the letters and write the missing letters on the empty hearts.

One game I like to play with the class to have them prepare for this activity is to get the students sitting in a group on the floor. I’ll begin with two letters for instance I’ll say “What comes after c and d….?” or “What comes before the letter e?” so on and so forth. Some kids will get confused when they’re trying to find the letters that come before, but this essentially trains their minds to think of the letters before and after. It can be very tricky for kids! Although, activities like these will definitely help them remember the order of the alphabet! Sometimes, I will use some letter blocks and have them work in a center. The kids will build upon the sequence that they see in front of them, like if I place the letter blocks a, b, c… They will continue the sequence themselves with the remaining blocks etc. I find that this helps with the letter after but not before which is why I like adding extra activities to practice this concept! How do you teach letter order?

Alphabet Order Conversation Hearts FreeReady to download the file?

Alphabet Order Conversation Hearts Free

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