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Letters Before After and Between Worksheet Snowball Fight

Looking for fun ways to have kids working on letters before, after and identification skills? How about using this fun, hands-on Letters Before After and Between Worksheet in an interactive way to help engage and motivate the kids to learn their letters! This game also features a super cute snowball winter theme.

I have shared so many alphabet activities on this blog so be sure to check them all out!

This center has a great theme which will sure to engage even the most reluctant kids. Read on to see how you can setup this fun winter themed activity.

Letters Before After and Between Worksheet Snowball Fight

Write the letter that comes before

Alphabet worksheets are a great way to teach children the order of letters. This is a fun way for them to learn and it helps them with writing and reading.

Some of the benefits of teaching letter order are that children get to know their alphabet, it helps them with spelling, and it also has a positive effect on reading skills.

I spy winter themed activity printables for learning binders.

Why not incorporate letter games to help kids with letter order and letter recognition?

Teaching letter order is a great way to help children learn their letters and the alphabet in general. Alphabet worksheets are a great way to do this.

There are many ways that you can teach alphabet letter order using an alphabet worksheet.

One of the most common is to use a word list that starts with A and ends with Z.

This way, children will see all of the letters in the correct order and it will be easier for them to memorize it.

Letters before and after

This printable is super simple to set up, just print the set of letters you want to work on and laminate the activity sheet if you wish.

Letters Before After and Between Worksheet Snowball Fight
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This activity is perfect for small groups, they can take turns spinning the spinner and writing the letter they land on in the middle snowball.

To prepare:

  • A4 paper (optional colored paper)
  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Pencil clip
  • Pencil (for the spinner)

Alternatively you could buy a set of spinners from Amazon which you can use and re-use.

Before and after letters

Start by showing the kids the mat with the spinner. Show them how to spin with a pencil and the paper clip. They will be spinning the spinner and then writing the letter they landed on on the snowball in the MIDDLE.

They will then write the letter that comes before that one on the pumpkin to the left and then the one that comes after on the pumpkin that is on the right.

This game is a fun way to encourage building friendships as well as problem solving and game skills.

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

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Kids love the competitive nature of games, and adding a fun element of learning can make this even more exciting and fun!

Letter alphabet learning games can be so much fun with these printables.

If your kids want an extension activity, have two players compete with one another to spin and write before and afters to all the letters shown on the spinner.

Letters Before After and Between Worksheet Snowball Fight

There are game mats for letters up to Z. You could choose the mats that would suit your students depending on their abilities.

This is a great way to get pre-schoolers or kindergarten kids to practice their alphabet recognition skills in a fun and engaging activity!

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Letters Before After and Between Worksheet

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Letters Before After and Between Worksheet Snowball Fight

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