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Winter Preschool Read Aloud Books Special Education

Looking for some awesome and great read aloud books to target several skills in pre-k? There are many read aloud book lists for mainstream preschool and kinder, but the lists are scarce lists for Winter Preschool Read Aloud Books Special Education. This list includes are great books that you can add to your January lesson plans!

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Best Preschool Books to Read Aloud

Normally, at the start of pre-k, kids would be familair with what books are and their curiosity about them will be a great starting point. The best things we can do as teachers and educators and even parents is to expose them to a number of read alouds and books from the start!

Kids reading benefits is a common topic in education. Especially for those who are parents or teachers, they would want to know how to make reading fun for children. From the following points, we will be able to understand the importance of kids reading and learn some ways to encourage children to read.

Benefits of reading for children

The benefits of reading are quite well known, but it is also important to understand the differences in reading styles. There are many different ways to read a text, and the way you read should be based on your age, level of development, and personal preference.

Children have a natural curiosity about words. They have a need to explore what things mean and how they work. This is why children love books that rhyme or have funny stories with suspenseful endings.

One of the major benefits that kids get from reading is being able to express themselves better through writing. When children are able to articulate their thoughts on paper they are better at understanding complex ideas, remembering details, and expressing themselves in their own words.

List of Preschool Stories Read Alouds for Winter

The mitten: this story is super cute! One of the best for winter. You can find a whole heap of book companion activities for the Mitten online too.

Sneezy the Snowman: another great one! Especially since special needs children love the repetition.

There Was Once an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

The Snowy Day

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You Hear?

Alphabet I Spy Printables Winter

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The Jacket I wear to the Snow: this book is great for a clothing unit in winter.

Saddie and the Snowman

I hope these titles are a great starting point for you, of course there are many more but this list is the absolute best that I have found and continue to use year on year.

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