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Fun Shapes Activities for Toddlers Printable Ideas and Hands-on Practice

Looking for some fun shapes activities for toddlers printable ideas? These printable ideas for shape recognition to learn different shapes is a fun way to get kids learning basic shapes.

shapes activities for toddlers heal the bear printable learning folder

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Free printables 2D shapes

Getting your toddler or your preschool little learners understand shape names and figures?

Kids respond so well to fine motor skills activities and printables. Kids love this shape match printable bear 2D shape match.

Dinosaur Activities Preschool Centers and Fine Motor Activities Age 3+

Dinosaur printable shape match craft.

kids will learn all about different shapes with these shape activities in one printable.

Firstly, there are shape cards and large shapes that kids will get familiar with, the PDF file below includes the matching mat along with the pieces to match.

shape matching for toddlers activity printable PDF

The FULL set of printables with black and white pieces + 3D object match can be found in the printable pack in my store.

Printable Games Shapes Worksheets

The printable ‘heal bear’ matching game is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who haven’t been exposed to their shapes just yet as well as kids who have been.

Firstly, kids will learn the shape name in a fun and great way by finding the various shapes on ‘band-aids’ and they then have to match these onto the bear to ‘heal the bear’.

You can even draw the shapes onto construction paper and then create a fun activity this way, this printable also doubles as a memory game. Young children love the different colors and geometric shapes on these printables.

I’ve also included 3D shapes in the full printable pack.

3D shape match activity printable worksheet

This 3D match packet is available in my shapes learning folder bundle on TPT.

Sensory bin shape match fun

Want an extra challenge for your kids?

Do they love sensory bins? Have them go on a shape hunt after placing the shape band-aid cards into the bin (you can use rice or anything really like kinetic sand to fill it up).

Math activities can be so much fun! Sensory play is one of my favorite ways to plan a math center.

Young kids love the aspect of ‘healing’ the bear.

This will also develop their critical thinking skills and early math skills.

These are some of the best ways for kindergarten students to also practice shape matching and recognition.

More shapes sorting activities for toddlers

Another great opportunity for older children to practice shape recognition, is to incorporate these 3D matching skills and add them to their learning binders.

These are just some of the different ways to practice preschool shapes.

Shape scavenger hunt

It’s important that kids learn to recognise basic shapes, starting with wooden blocks is a a strong foundation for success.

I’ve linked my favorite wooden play sets below.

You can create a scavenger hunt activity with wooden pieces and have the child look for them and then match them to the puzzle.

It’s an easy way to get some movement in too.

How do we need to teach 2D shapes?

There are many ways to teach 2D shapes to kids.

One of the most popular ways is to use coloring pages.

Kids can color in the shapes, and see how they are different from each other.

Another way to teach 2D shapes to kids is by using puzzles.

Puzzles can come in many different forms, but they all work on the same principle: putting a puzzle together will help kids learn about shapes by comparing them with each other.

2D shapes are important for many reasons.

They can help children understand how to measure, estimate, and compare distances.

The kids love this 3D shape match with the same idea to ‘heal the bear’. You can even print a huge poster of it and have the kids find the 3D shapes around the room and match the piece to the bear.

3D shapes activity printable mat

They can also help kids understand how to divide a shape into equal parts. Teaching 2D shapes to kids is not difficult but it does take time and effort.

Children learn best when they have fun while learning new skills.

Kids enjoy playing games that teach them about 2D shapes! You can use flashcards or puzzles to teach them about shapes too!

Shape printables and games

Don’t forget to check out the full 2D and 3D shapes pack right here on TPT that includes the toddler sort mat, 3D match, options for printing, a one page printable handout and MORE!

Free shapes activities toddlers and preschool
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