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Best Books for ESL Teachers (and how to find them)

A teacher’s job is to educate students. Looking for the best books for ESL teachers? One of the most important things that a teacher must do is to find ways to keep the students interested in what they are teaching.

Find easy great ideas for super fun cheap books for ESL teachers and how to find them!

A teacher's job is to educate students. Looking for the best books for ESL teachers? One of the most important things that a teacher must do is to find ways to keep the students interested in what they are teaching.
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Why are teachers always looking for books?

It is not easy for teachers to create this interest in their students because they have a lot of distractions, such as TV, video games, and smartphones.

These Dot Marker Reading Sight Words for ESL Students – Fun FREE Dab a Dot Worksheet will make for a great craft + intro to learning sight words for elementary ESL students.

The best way for teachers to keep their students engaged is by reading aloud with them. That’s why finding books is one of the most essential activities (us) teachers are always looking for.

Reading aloud with your students will help them learn how to read fluently and quickly while also improving their vocabulary.

Activities like reading aloud can also help teachers improve their own reading skills and make them more creative when it comes time for them to read on their own.

Some picture books make meading books aloud with your class fun; and will help you create an environment where learning can happen easily and effectively as well as a love for reading.

ESL Textbooks PDF

Anyone who has been in an ESL classroom knows that having differentiated materials on hand would definitely help in our everyday teaching endeavours.

I’ve been teaching for years now so I have quite a few bank of ESL textbooks I use year on year.

These 15+ Ridiculously Easy Printables to teach Sight Words for ESL Students are perfect if you’re looking for some quick reinforcements on learning sight words for ESL kids.

I’ve found though, I don’t always use textbooks but when I do, I mix it up.


ESL workbook for morning work / homeschool K-1st.

Learners respond well to games and hands on activities.

I find that textbooks do come in handy though, when introducing new concepts, when sending work home so that your students can continue learning or or practicing their skills.

Some of the best textbooks for teaching kids are ones that incorporate speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in each unit.

Classroom warm-up activities are a great way to get the kids engaged in the lesson. Here are some great ESL warm up activities for your students. They also help the students to be more attentive and focused on what is being taught.

ESL warm up activities for any concept or skill.

ESL learning isn’t like teaching mainstream kids.

They need to see language in context, learning how to use grammatical concepts and language.

Sometimes you can find these textbooks at a fraction of the price in Facebook groups and online thrift stores.

Best books for teaching ESL online

Teaching ESL online is a whole different beast. You need a mix of interaction cards like Boom decks.

I particularly love this CVC phonics bundle and I use it with nearly every student I teach or tutor online.

Assigning decks to them and find out how many errors they made while completing it.

You can even see the time it took for them to complete it. It’s a win for me!

Online teaching can also be challenging.

There are so many resources that we can use online at the moment for homeschooling, like this Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Literature Unit Study perfect for a more in depth literature study.

When we are constantly needing to engage kids with the material, we are always looking for ways to do this that don’t bore kids.

I love these resources for ESL online teaching:

I love using Interactive Online Games ESL Learners LOVE. These games are online which means you can easily incorporate these into your classroom with a click of a button.

Don’t forget to check out the local thrift shop / Amazon wishlist and bargains throughout the year, I’ve always got something new I am looking for or buying to use while teaching.

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