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Funny Quotes About Road Trips to Make You LOL

Road trips can be a tedious experience, but they can also be really fun. Find the best funny quotes about road trips below.

I love finding and sharing quotes on this blog, mainly for stress relief, but also since summer makes for great adventures. Like jack kerouac did, he sailed across country for 25 days – not many people can do that now.

Road trips can be a tedious experience, but they can also be really fun. Or you can make them fun, am I right?! Find the best funny quotes about road trips + essentials packing list for a road trip!
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Funny road trip quotes

Road trips are usually long, and you have to spend a lot of time in the car with other people. But there are those moments that make it worth it. And good friends make it worthwhile.

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One of the most memorable moments might be when you get to stop at a roadside diner for lunch or dinner.

You’ll probably have something like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cornbread, and maybe even some apple pie for dessert.


Funniest baby Yoda quotes that everyone can relate to.

It’s not just about food though; sometimes you might see an animal in the wild or see an amazing sunset out of your window on the highway. If you’re in good company or with a best friend, you can even find yourself laughing at the craziest things.

The greatest part of a road trip is the actual journey and not the destination.

Best road trip quotes

Other than looking at mile markers, a couple of things to consider is also having a list of things packed for your road trip (I’ve listed those below).

Here are some of the best funny quotes about road trips.

road trip funny meme

Road trips are an essential part of American culture.

They are a rite of passage for young people and a chance to get away from their parents.

The best road trips involve some sort of adventure, and they often end in laughter.

The best road trips involve some sort of adventure, and they often end in laughter.

Some people find that the only way to complete a journey is with the help of a good story or two.

road trip outfit meme

There are many funny stories about people’s adventures on the road, but here are five of our favorites:

1) One family was driving through Texas when they saw a sign that read “Next Services 100 miles” and decided to take their chances. It turned out that there wasn’t anything for another 200 miles!

2) A man on a family road trip saw a sign for a hamburger joint and he was excited about all the food. He parked the car and ran in to grab his meal, but when he got back, someone had stolen his car!

3) An Oregon woman decided to take her friend with her on a camping trip. When it was time to pack, she got everything she needed and drove off without her friend.

Road trip essentials Road Trip Survival Hacks for Moms

Traveling with kids

Watch this video about the best tips when traveling with kids.

Do not forget to pack games: She says that I have these two games. – [Jennifer] Now these types of games are actually made for the car and they’re great.

We found them in the dollar spot at Target so they weren’t expensive.

I really like that they have a metal case to put it away in ’cause that’s so important to stay organized during your road trip is to have somewhere to put the toys away.

This is excellent, too, because the kids can play with each other because it’s a tic-tac-toe game but they can also play with it by themselves;

Because it’s a play scene so they can move the little magnets around and just do it like that or they can play tic-tac-toe so this one is vehicles and then this one is superheroes.

Road trip bingo, these are the best for kids. They LOVE bingo.

Caption for road trip with friends

Here are some more hilarious road trip funny quotes!

road trip with friends meme

And when you buy so many snacks…

baby yoda road trip meme

When the trip does make you look like this at the end of it:

road trip funny quote

When the trip is unplanned, but who wouldn’t choose target??

road trip funny quotes teachers

When the road trip literally makes you look like this:

road trip funny quotes

When you travel with kids and literally are like:

road trip with kids funny meme

Another baby one because who else can relate?

baby road trip funny meme

Road trip essentials packing list

A road trip is the perfect opportunity to explore new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures.

Travelling by car makes it easy to stop when you want to take a picture or enjoy the view.

The best thing about a road trip is that you can go at your own pace. You can stop for a coffee break or get out of the car and explore if you see something interesting along the way.

road trip packing essentials infographic

What are some of your favourite things to pack for a road trip?

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