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Working on letter sounds is a fun way to get younger children recognising the letters of the alphabet. These letter M printables are perfect for when you need some inspiration and educational activities for your letter of the week program.

This printable craft is a great way to get more crafts in for your letter of the week program.

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letter m printable pdf craft

Letter M coloring pages

Teaching kids lowercase letters can be difficult.

Check out the video to see how you can make your own:

Only because lower case letters have a lot more curves than uppercase letters, and children do find those more difficult to learn.

Magnetic letter alphabet matching mat with a sensory bin.

I highly recommend some pre-writing activities before you begin teaching letter formation.

Even letter coloring pages like the one I will show you below is a simple way to expose kids to the letters without having them learn to write the letters yet.

Kindergarten students will learn how to form each letter when they begin anyway.

Either way, at this age, fine motor skills at this age are way more important.

Alphabet worksheets that are fun

Alphabet activities for kids are a great way to help them learn their ABCs.

There are many different ways to make these fun and engaging for your child.

Some alphabet activities are as simple as reading books or singing songs.

More letter of the week activities:

You can also make up your own games, such as “I Spy”, where you give clues about what letter is next in the alphabet and your child guesses it.

I also love using dot markers to practice letter m recognition worksheets.

Letter worksheets printable pack

These letter m printables below combine coloring, fine motor skills and crafts in one activity.

If you’re looking for more letter formation or letter m tracing worksheets, I’ve also got you covered there.

These candy themed tracing letters cards are so engaging for my learners.

This letter M craft is super simple to complete, the printable letter activity is engaging and fun.

Kids will learn the letter M sound “moustache” as well as the letter ‘form’ of M.

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Visually, kids need to map the sound with the picture of the letter, before giving them a task such as tracing the letter M.

This free letter m activity will appeal to almost any child, I even used this with toddlers.

Kids will learn that the letter M makes the mmmmm sound. You can show them how to form this sound with your lips.

letter m printable craft pdf free download

Young children learn best by imitation.

Letter of the alphabet teaching ideas

A game of alphabet letter is an easy and fun way to learn the alphabet.

Alphabet letter games can be as simple as asking your child to find an item that starts with the letter A, or as complicated as a crossword puzzle.

There are many ways to play alphabet games.

Here are some ideas:

-Alphabet letters can be used in a word search game.

You could use this idea for both younger and older children if you want to make it more challenging by adding in words that have more than one letter per word, or you could use this idea for younger children by sticking with single-letter words.

-Create a treasure hunt using only items that start with certain letters of the alphabet. For example, “Find all the things that start with A.”

Letter recognition worksheets

There are so many activities to help kids with letter recognition.

Some of my favorites include letter crafts like this one.

It’s a super simple craft because kids will get to color in the letter M as well as the mustcahe pieces.

They make for great meaningful coloring pages too.

This craft is for the capital letter m.

Extra practice will always be helpful for children, this is where fun coloring pages come in handy for learning letter m words.

After seeing the letter M craft in action, kids will become better at letter identification.

You don’t need to start on the lowercase letter m just yet, I even get some magnetic letters and we sort to find the letter M in that pile.

Literacy centers Letter M

If you want a group on students working on this craft, have each person assigned to complete a section, they will then cut out the letter pieces and begin to glue the ‘moustache’ craft together.

I really like that these crafts are simple and are practically self explanatory.

Working on letter sounds is a fun way to get younger children recognising the letters of the alphabet. These letter M printables are perfect for when you need some inspiration and educational activities for your letter of the week program.

There’s a guide on each page to show how the craft should look in the final design.

This craft would definitely make for a great addition to your phonics worksheets and small groups letter m sounds.

Letter m crafts

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