10 Different Types of Teachers Found in Every School – Which Type Are You?

There are many different types of teachers around. I feel that this closely resembles the personality that the teacher has. I have a fun link to a personality quiz with this post that you can do to identify your teacher type, once and for all, that’s if you don’t recognise it!

Different types of teachers found in every school. Which one are you? * this post may contain affiliate links.

Just read these 12 back to school funny quotes and you will know exactly what I mean by recognising a teacher! 😉

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As teachers, we all start of eager as any other professional starting their new position at any job, however, we all know that after the second of third year. Our faces and attitudes dramatically change. Why? We know that the teaching profession comes at high stakes, unfortunately. It isn’t for the faint of heart!

Different Types of Teachers in Every School

Well, we could say, found in most schools really. If you could pin point what makes a good teacher, you will probably hear a mixture of things.

Being a good teacher means you are student-centered focus, you love your students and try to create as many opportunities for your students to thrive and excel in their academic and social skills.

Being a good teacher also means that sometimes, you will lose your cool and that is also okay. We aren’t robots and I don’t think anyone would expect us to be.

Now onto the fun part, the different types of teachers out there. Please note that this post is meant to be a humorous one and not one to poke fun at the teaching profession. Teaching has always been and will always be my calling. And to note, I have probably been at least a few of these teachers at least once a year (probably even all rolled into one) ha! 😉

The Boring Teacher

This teacher finds all the things to talk about and will continue to talk, talk, talk. Even sometimes, not realising that his / her students have checked out of the conversation (usually one sided).


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Students reacts to this teacher in a noneventful way, they somehow think that this teacher doesn’t have anything interesting to say and they’ve actually learned to tune her/him out.

The best way to tackle being the boring teacher (which, let’s face it, we all have been at some point), is to try to engage the class when you feel that the interest has waned.

The Fun Teacher

This teacher finds all things fun, like memes, funny stories, anecdotes etc to share with his or her class. Usually, this teacher is also quite laid back in teaching style.

So, things like homework may or may not be asked about. Students can usually relate to this teacher and sometimes can walk all over him/her if they don’t know how to control classroom behaviour or they don’t have a good handle on how to control the class.


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The fun teacher is also usually so laid back in class that students don’t often turn in their work on time, or make up excuses for not doing it.

I believe the best way to tackle things, if you are this kind of teacher is to try to find a balance between being stern and laid back / humorous with your students. A little humor never hurt anyone!

The Strict Teacher

This kind of teachers knows that doing school work is top of mind. When students aren’t completing their work, they will often remind them that they need to complete their work and to ‘stop talking’.

This kind of teacher is somewhat focused on the learning materials, which isn’t a bad thing. Usually, these kind of teachers will often have the most knowledge to share with their students.


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However, to get our students’ attention, we sometimes need to be more lose and easy going. Children and any student can relate more to an easy going teacher than a strict one.

They usually find the strict teacher too intimidating to approach, therefore they will probably not ask questions if they don’t understand something in class.

A strict teacher also runs a tight ship in class, meaning they will often not allow students to be talking or completing tasks outside the assigned work.

Sometimes, this can be detrimental to student learning. Students sometimes learn the most by cooperation and by communicating with others.

So how can you be less strict as a teacher?

If you find that is your tendency, especially when teaching littles, have some rewards set out for students who complete the work on time, or even complete the work assigned to them.

Take breaks in between teaching sessions, brain breaks, activities with movement to help your students change their routine and break out of a stuck zone.

The Bad Teacher

I’m not sure you encounter so many of these teachers around (I really hope not). This type of teacher probably doesn’t know his/her material, is constantly tardy and forgets the simplest and most basic routines responsibilities.


I do remember having a teacher who was like this as a teen, he was always prompt to class, but he constantly talked about his cats and his own website which he often asked us to go to. I knew, even as a child, that this teacher just wasn’t right.

I’m not sure why some teachers make it to the profession and have this attitude towards it and sometimes, I truly wonder how they ever got there.

These teachers most likely need some re-training in the material they are teaching or basically to change professions. I do believe though, that most cases aren’t this way.

The Lazy Teacher

This teacher often finds herself late to class, not because of anything other than basically staying up too late and waking up late and rushing through his/her mornings. I mean, we have all done this at some point. Who hasn’t rushed through their mornings?


The lazy teacher also finds herself / himself leaving the marking work until the last minute or scrambling to finish it right before class. Sometimes this teacher also doesn’t finish lesson plans on time (but, we are all guilty of this, right?!). The only difference is that the lazy teacher actually does this more often than not.

One way to tackle being a more active teacher is to have a planner ready. Using a planner actually made a huge difference for me. I found that I was able to finish things quite quickly and on time. I also use some apps on my phone to tackle this like Informant, and my Iphone calendar.

It’s important that we see our weaknesses and try to work with them, and improve as we become better role models and teachers for our students.

We can be many different types of teachers in one year!

I think if we’re being fair, every one of us has had an encounter with at least 1 of those teacher personality traits within the year. Am I right?! 😉

Comment below to let me know which one speaks to you most!

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