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Alphabet Guess the Pictures App Game Activity

Are you looking for a fun and free phonics alphabet activity app that makes learning fun for children in preschool and kindergarten? This app delivers just that! ESL kids who are in first-second grade will also benefit immensely from this fun game! ESL kids needs lots and lots of drilling and repetition on their phonics and grammar skills.

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Alphabet Guess the Pictures A-Z is free and includes alphabet pictures with letters A-Z along with the uppercase picture letters in the second half. It features a series of guess the picture tiles (up to 22 common phonics clip-art) with the second half featuring uppercase alphabet letters. Any toddler, kindergartener or preschool child can learn English and the alphabet simply by identifying the picture behind the hidden tiles and spelling the word with the hints provided at the bottom.

Alphabet Guess the Pictures A-Z is more than just a kid-friendly educational app, it was designed to help teachers deliver further activities that kids can complete at him with their parents or independently.
Best of all, this app is full-featured and free from in-app purchases.Features:
– Colourful set of alphabet phonics clipart
– Includes hints and scores
– Uppercase and lowercase matching
– Colourful set of alphabet letters

Best wishes from the Sea of Knowledge.
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