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How to Improve Comprehension Skills Plus Chinese New Year Reading Passages

When working with students, you need all the tips (and time) in the world to help them develop healthy reading comprehension skills. Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have that time, and in the short time frame we do have, we want to make it GREAT. Read on to discover top tips to improve reading skills and a set of Chinese New Year Reading Passages for kids.

How to Improve Reading Skills Plus Chinese New Year Reading Passages for Kids * this post contains affiliate links

Chinese New Year Reading Passages

I love using mini passages in class because I mainly do want my students to engage with the content, and most of the time I do like to test them on their progress. For this reason, I simply can’t overwhelm them with a long and large piece of reading content. I work with a lot of ESL students, so I find that they react best to short passages rather than the long ones.

These Chinese New Year Reading Passages are great for kids too, since the facts included in each passage are on point and are interesting enough to grab their attention.

Short Reading Comprehension Passages

Just want to reiterate before I get into the topic of this post, is that sometimes no matter what we do, our energy levels as teachers / parents and heck even homeschoolers look a little like this and that’s okay.

Yet still managing to get up and go can be a struggle: | The 17 Worst Things About Going Back To School:

I want to tell you that it is absolutley okay to feel overwhelmed, especially in this day and age (hello 2022) where we feel that there are a lot of things out of out control.

Reading passages for kids are important in order to help them with their reading skills.

Some of the most popular reading passages are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Rainbow Fish, and Frog and Toad.

These books are not only entertaining but also educational. Kids can learn new words, learn about different animals, and learn about different colors. This is a good way for kids to explore the world around them while learning at the same time.

This set is from my New Years’ and Chinese New Year pack. I used these passages with my students when we returned after the break. They were so interested in knowing why we celebrate Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Reading Passages

How to Improve Reading Skills

Reading is one of the most important skills for anyone to have. It has the power to change lives and make people smarter. It helps us learn new things, explore different cultures, and find new interests. Reading can even help us become better writers by giving us more ideas to write about.

It is not easy to improve reading skills for students, but there are some things that can be done to make it easier for people to read more. One way is by reading aloud because it helps with pronunciation and improves fluency in a language. Another way is by reading with someone else because it makes it easier for people who are struggling with understanding what they are reading because they can ask questions about the text while they are reading together.

I do this by having students pair up and read together, discuss the questions to understand and delve deeper into the text meaning.

How to Use these Reading Passages for ESL Students

These passages are perfect for ESL students, I find that the leveled passages work best for them. Because I get students of multi levels in the classroom, I tend to use both levels of passages depending on what level each student is at.

More Reading Passages You May Like:

Chinese New Year Reading Passages

I also can use the numbers on the passage cards to indicate which passage they have already completed. They write the number of the passage in their notebooks and answer the questions as they go along.

Looking for a set for the year? I made these passages specifically for differentiating your reading passages with multi-level learners in one classroom.

Check out the Nonfiction Reading Passages bundle here.

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