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3+ Feelings Printables to Help Children Learn All About their Emotions

It is very important for kids to learn about feelings and how to manage them. Kids need to learn about different emotions. These feelings printables are perfect to achieve just that! I love teaching all about social skills!

Feelings printables activity workbook * this post may contain affiliate links.

They need to know that feelings are a normal part of life and that they can be expressed in many different ways. There are so many emotions worksheet activities on the web.

This post may contain affiliate links.

A lot of them target young children and sometimes ways to manage their own feelings.

The goal of this article is to teach parents and teachers on how they can teach their kids about feelings and big emotions.

Feelings Worksheets for kids

At first, kids need to be exposed to different facial expressions. This super fun printable pack here with posters on emotions with real life pictures will be perfect for young learners.

Feeling Words List PDF 1
Feelings printable PDF with real life images

Use the printable version to add to student binders, busy books and more.

Negative emotions are a normal part of life, and they are a great way to express emotions.

Kids need to understand emotions of others as well as their own emotions.

Social-emotional learning all about big feelings

First grade students will also benefit from these printable feelings worksheets, crafts and activities.

Feelings Crafts for Preschoolers FREE Printables

If you’re looking for an emotion chart for older kids, my favorite one is this one below. It’s a super fun way to talk about difficult emotions.

It also includes English words that might be more difficult for younger kids learning ESL.

Learning about emotions builds emotional intelligence

My favorite book about building emotional intelligence is this great book on emotional and emotion words for kids. It’s a creative way to understand emotional responses.

It also gives short descriptions on small emotions for younger students and different social situations.

Printable emotion cards

If you’re looking for a digital version of these printable emotion cards above, you can easy download this printable and show them o the screen, they include a girl character as well as a young boy.


How to use this printable set of feelings prompts:

These emotions printables target different scenarios and different words.

Kids will read the prompt on the page and then draw the emotion to describe how the character might be feeling.

FREE draw your emotions feelings printables
Free draw your emotions feelings printables

They include blank faces and kids will then depict different feelings (depending on the scenario shown).

You can turn this into digital activities by showing each page on the screen and then having the kids draw the emotion in their workbooks.

feelings printable workbook activity draw the emotion
Free feelings printable workbook activity draw the emotion

Get your FREE copy below!

This is a great tool to help children learn new vocabulary words and various emotions.

Special Needs Children and Emotions

When it comes to teaching kids about feelings, there are a lot of different techniques that can be utilized.

One technique that is commonly used is the “feeling wheel.”

This tool consists of a circle with six different emotions in it and arrows pointing outwards from the center.

The idea is to have the child identify what they are feeling and then place a finger on the emotion that best describes their current state.

Another technique that teachers use when teaching kids about feelings is through social skills books.

My favorite Amazon Books on Feelings:

Children’s books often portray emotions as something positive, which can help children better understand how to deal with them.

FREE draw your emotions feelings printables
Free draw your emotions feelings printables

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