Addition Facts With Popsicle Sticks

I’m sure that by now you’ve probably seen the extensive use of popsicle sticks all over the internet! They are so easy to use and if there is a concept that a child is struggling with – you can easily make it up on the spot just for practice so requires nearly zero prep!! 🙂 

This is just an idea, the other day we were practicing addition facts. So, I made these popsicle sticks for more of a hands-on and visual approach to learning. 

What you’ll need:
* Popsicle sticks
* pegs
* Thin sharpie (preferably blue or black)

The one I used above was a little thicker (you can tell I was in a hurry lol). I usually buy these supplies, keep them in a tub and when I need them even during a tutoring session – I bring them out. 🙂

So, the idea is that you can write down the facts with the missing addends, then the student has to peg the correct number in the missing addend box to make a full equation. Easy! You could also have the student actually show you how he worked it out by placing the number of popsicle sticks or counting blocks underneath each number to ‘count’ them. 

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