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Sorting Word Families in Houses Easy Prep + Free Mat



Sorting word families with house mats – how fun! I love sorting mats! And kids love sorting mats! It always feels like a game to them. This game is so easy to prep.

***Scroll down to download the editable file with the free mat and word bank.***

What you need:

  • scissors
  • laminator
  • glu tack / glue
  • mats
  • empty word bank

So there are several ways you could use these – definitely versatile. One mat – and limitless ideas on re-using it. I have one mat laminated along with the blank word bank sheets so I can use and re-use them with dry erase markers in small groups/tutoring.

The second way of using these would be to print several copies to sort as many word families you are working on for the class for example on A3 paper and have each group sort the words and paste them onto their posters – then you have a set of word family posters for the classroom!

So here I’ve printed the empty mat along with the empty word bank and wrote down the word families I am working on:

IMG_2261 IMG_2259


Then, the students sort the word mats and paste / glue the words into the correct ‘houses’.

IMG_2267 IMG_2269

I actually used glu tack in this activity as I wanted to re-use the words and mats with another group of students.

I hung them at the end in my learning center:


Looked great on the purple feature wall! šŸ˜‰


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Click HERE to download the PPT editable file FREE or HERE to get the PDF.


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