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Word Family Activity: Build a Flower -at -ug -ig -it

Word Family Activity: Build a Flower -at -ug -ig -it word families. Teaching kids how to read and write word families increases their reading fluency by showing them spelling patterns in words. This in turn helps build their phonetic and spelling skills. This hands-on, fun, and motivating ‘build a flower’ activity helps get the kids reading and sounding out word families.

This word family activity is perfect to use as literacy centers, word work stations, homeschool activities and so much more!

Word Family Activity

What you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • laminator
  • lamination pockets
  • small container
  • flower mats and petal cutouts.

The best part about this activity is that you can use the editable version and a dry erase marker to put in some more word families. Print out the word family flower mats and print then laminate the petals. Cut the petals out and place them in a box on the side. Begin by picking a petal, then get the student to sound it out. They then look at the flower word family letters. They then place the petal where it belongs so on and so forth!

Word Family Activity


Word Family Activity


Word Family Activity


Ready to work on word families with your kids?
Click on any of the images below or HERE.

Word Family Activity


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