ESL First Grade Five for Friday Kindergarten Literacy

Word Families Sort, Earth Day Reading Comprehension + Five for FriYAY 10.03.16



Hi peeps!! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly Five for Friday, I hope your week has been well. 😉

  1. This week I was NOT well… It started on Monday and I thought “ah, I’ll drag myself and maybe a panadol or two later I’d be OK…” NOPE… only got worse and because we are short staffed I really couldn’t just call and say I couldn’t come in so…

Go to work sick or write sub plans... I don't think people understand this. To add, the subs usually don't even follow the plans.:

Needless to say I carried panadol, water bottles and EVERYTHING I could find in the medicine cabinet to work this week.

2. I blogged about an easy word families sorting activity which is here in case you’ve missed it. 🙂


3. I’ve added two new grammar interactive activities. We also did some Earth Day reading comprehension with some leveled task cards. 🙂


Subject & Verb Sort

Compound Sentences

3. We worked on identifying verbs and nouns with my ESL students using versatile mats with ANY book/article/magazine, I will be blogging about this but here’s a preview:


4. I’ve recently made an interactive cut and paste activity with CVCe words. It’s FREE and in my SHOP. 🙂

Looking for a fun word sort for you first graders? This cut and paste worksheet will get the students working and sorting between two different CVCe endings -ake and -ate. Check out the Word Work category here on TPT to see some more ideas on phonics.:

5. I have been absolutely addicted to making smoothies these days, especially during these unbearable humid days. I LOVE this pin that sums it all up – and figured since some of my friends over on the other side of the glob who have just started spring (not jealous at all ;P) you could use this pin as well! Pin link HERE.

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