Ways of Making… With Olaf! :)

This mat is one of my favorites! One of my students has been recently struggling with numbers. So, I made this mat with his favorite character from Frozen. I love incorporating characters into education where possible (it makes for a very fun and memorable activity for children). 
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This mat is so versatile to use with numbers to ten. What you’ll need:

* Dice
* Cotton balls / use the figures provided with the mat. 
* Dry erase markers.
* Lamination pouch.

So what you could here is laminate the page and re-use it for different numbers – perfect paper saver! 🙂

To play:

Have the student roll a die, and construct the number on the mat using different addition equations to get the total number. For instance for the number 3: 2 +  = 3, 0 + 3 = 3 and so on…

Click on the following link to download the freebie! 🙂

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