Verb to be interactive activities to foster reading and writing for ESL students

Verb to be paragraph jumbles pack above is available in my TPT shop here.
These new activity packs were created to help ESL students read & sequence at the same time. The reason why they are so helpful is that it forces the students to actually read the text and not just skim it. To sequence the strips properly, they need to read and understand the text.

My students LOVED working on these in groups.

I use these during class in groups as well as one-on-one tutoring. I prepared a file folder so that I could use every text I write up into the same folder and the strips are stored in separate envelopes inside the file folder for ease of use and storage.

Here is another image:

As you could see, I’ve used sticky tape to store the envelopes underneath each other in the file folder so that i could pick them up as I go / teach. I am using a separate file folder for various levels in ESL.

We have a range of levels at our school and the teachers need to constantly cater for a diverse need, so I managed to break down the levels into these groups. Each of the “Paragraph Jumbles” packs are labeled clearly to which level they cater for – so choose the ones that you think would fit into your student ESL needs too. 🙂

– ESL Beginners Level 1
– ESL Beginners Level 2
– ESL Intermediate Level 1
– ESL Intermediate Level 2
– ESL Intermediate Level 3
– ESL Advanced

I stuck a simple page in colored paper to help students arrange their strips in order on that yellow page. You could possibly use velcro and attach these to the strips along with the laminated page so that you could check their work easily.

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