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                                             The struggle is real!

What works for one child, usually doesn’t work for the next. It is a challenge to locate activities that can be easily differentiated.

These name mats are so easy to work with, input your names once and the rest of the file will be populated. 

It is SO time consuming to find activities for the wide range of abilities in your classroom. You struggle with the amount of time it takes to scaffold instruction and printable activities so that you can set your students up for success.

The activities are often too narrow and only meet the needs of a small section of the class. There is not enough differentiation in the games and activities so that they are applicable to the struggling students, the mid range, and those that need to be challenged.

The activities appeal to all types of learners.

You want to work on several skills for your learners. 

Differentiation is Key

πŸ‘ You need printable activities that you can use with all of the kids you teach, no matter their skill level.

πŸ‘You need hands-on activities that use the same components, but can be differentiated to meet the needs of all of your students.

πŸ‘ And to keep you from spending so much time planning for all of those needs, you also need activities that are very easy to prep. Things that are print and play and use typical classroom manipulatives are key.

If you found yourself nodding your head in agreement and wishing that printables like this existed more frequently, then you are going to love these editable name mats!




10 Editable Mats (OVER 300 PRE-PROGRAMMED MATS

Only Type the Words Once

These editable name mats are so much fun and super simple to prep! Just type in any names you want and all subsequent mats will be ready and  will be auto-filled!

Teach a Variety of Skills

There are so many fun ways to learn names or even letters and numbers! The font is embedded and auto-resizes to fit each space on the mats, so words or names of different lengths will fit.

Editable Instructions

Even better, there are instructions on how to use each mat! 


This bundle is great for my students and centers!


Laura Em


I loved this activity, my students loved this activity, & they were practicing important K skills! That's a win-win-win! 




Thank you for all of your hard work! I can’t wait to do this with my students!


Brooke Em

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