Teaching Resources and Courses up to 80% off with Groupon

I love to save money on everyday purchases, but what’s more I love saving money on major purchases like holiday destinations, courses and the like! These expenses are sometime pushed to the side (let’s face it, is anyone thinking about taking a holiday now after the holiday festivities? Not really!). This is because we are mainly out of money after the Christmas season.

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This is where Groupon comes in! I always check to see if they have a deal on a specific location that we plan on visiting in the next year or like recently there are SO MANY teaching related items that we can save on like stationary and books.

Do you ever look for courses to brush up your skills? There are SO MANY right now on Groupon at a fraction of the cost. Recently I bought a Children’s Writing course for $20 and the RRP was $859 – that’s a deal!

There are many offers and fantastic coupons for further savings if you shop between now and next week on Groupon. There is also a bonus 20% off bonus at checkout (that’s a limited time offer though).

Use the Search Option

I find that most of the time, I like to search for what I want if I’m not in the browsing mood. So for instance, I type in: teaching courses and I will get a list of courses related to teaching. If you use the Groupon app, it makes it easier to look for what you want because of the top tabs, so you could click on goods, travel, or courses for instance to go directly to those offers. Here are a number of coupons for well known name brands to start you off! 🙂

After you shop on Groupon, come back and let me know what deals you nabbed in the comments below!

Until next time! 😉

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