Tablet Games for Kids

How much fun would it be to know that not only is your child / student is engaged but to know that they are learning while PLAYING.

Here are some games I have so far:

Name Activities – Anna

Build a Smiley – Learning about Emotions

Silly Eggs – Same or Different?

Snowball Fight – Bigger or Smaller?

Sight Word Rainbow Puzzles

Dice Number Match – Owls

Smiley Pop – Visual Discrimination

Blob Color Pop – Learning all about Colors

Numbers 1-10 Monster Egglets


I am all for hands-on resources (as you can see with many activities on this blog) but balance is key when it comes to anything. These fun educational games work on skills such as color identification, counting, reading and listening. Kids will normally respond according to the question on each slide. If they make an error, they try again. Try these games with your kids! They will love them (will play them over and over). 🙂

I will be adding the links to the game on this page so come by often to check what’s new.

Smiley Pop Visual Discrimination app works on identifying the matching ‘smiley’ on each slide. It gets harder as kids reach the end where the smileys are underneath a bubble! Check it out HERE THROUGH THIS LINK or click on the image below.

Here’s an example slide. There will be an audio prompt the the child will listen to and then they make their selection by tapping on the matching smiley below.


This next game will have kids identifying and learning their colors. Kids between the ages of 2-5 can easily play this game! students will listen to the prompt and then find the items with the matching color. On top of learning their colors, they get to increase their vocabulary with each slide. An example is provided below.

Here’s an example slide. So one of the audio prompts will be ‘Where is the strawberry?’ after they tap on the strawberry, an audio response would be “Great work, a strawberry is red.” Etc.

This next one is a fun math counting game to help kids practice counting within 5. Click on the image below to check it out or HERE ON THIS LINK. The best part about these interactive games is that they are very visually stimulating for younger kids, even 2 year olds can attempt to do them!

Here’s an example slide below. Kids will tap on the number word ‘two’ and the digit ‘2’ and count the jelly beans.