Spring Interactive Activities – Preschool Basic Skills

Interactive activities bring so much fun to learning that often students will find themselves having fun while completing their tasks. I love using these types of activities especially since most of my students come from an ESL/ELD background.

Here are some activities I will share in this post which my students enjoyed. They are all from my Spring Preschool/Kindergarten Interactive Activity Pack. I will also be sharing a freebie with you all to enjoy with your students. 🙂

The first activity we completed was a medial vowel CVC sound activity. It is very easy to use and setup. I used a magnetic chalkboard along with some magnetic letters to use with the cards. There are many alternatives for use with the cards – this is just an example. I needed to give one of my ESL students some incentive and add an element of fun while he was working on these – worked very well!

You can give the students the cards one by one and have them build the words with the magnetic letters underneath the cards on the board (as shown above).
The next activity is a simple trace and sound activity used with dry erase pockets. They are well worth it if you haven’t bought any yet! I used to use the plastic sleeves ll the time – but I found these a lot more durable! 🙂 I also made the cards with guided handwriting – my ESL student is struggling with this – so he needs a guide (as I’m sure a lot of students do at this stage!) These cards can also be set up as individual and laminated cards.
I had my students sound out the letters as they trace and follow the numbered guides.
Here are some vocabulary tracing and writing laminated cards – they can also be inserted into the dry erase pockets and used with dry erase markers.
Here are some letter identification activities for sound and print.
Students loved this activity, I got them to mark an ‘X’ to identify the letters leading up to the egg. I helped them a little with this as a guide.
…and some letter sound clip cards – spring style! 🙂
You can see the full pack HERE.

Finally, here is a sample freebie to use with your students! Just click on any of the images below to grab it.

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