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Stop me if any of this sounds familiar…

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure of teaching?
  • You spend hours looking for or coming up with resources to meet the needs of the students you teach?
  • You’re tired of sacrificing your nights and precious time with your family…
  • You need fresh, new resources to engage the needs of your diverse learners…
  • You look for resources on Pinterest but you’re still coming up short…
  • When you DO find something useful, you would then need to jump hoops to find the printable…
  • You can’t find social emotional learning resources to develop character education…

The good news is, teaching doesn’t have to be so overwhelming or time consuming…

Introducing The Sea of Knowledge Plus Membership

An affordable monthly membership for Pre-K to 2nd Grade educators and parents.

What is the Sea of Knowledge Plus?

The Sea of Knowledge Plus is a membership site for teachers, homeschoolers and parents who want to teach better, save time and get results with their students. 

Are you ready to recharge your teaching?

The Sea of Knowledge Plus is an ever growing membership of on demand printable teaching resources. We pride ourselves on having teaching resources to target specific learning needs, such as social emotional learning, special education, hands-on fine and gross motor activities to support little hands and active littles.

Wondering what you’ll get when you join?

  • Printable library of ready made resources
  • Download and print printable PDFs that can be used with NO-PREP!
  • Access to differentiated resources like special education such as SEL, sensory, fine motor and more
  • New activity packs added each month
  • Exclusive pre-sale printable packs uploaded to the members area each month 
  • Access to at home NO print resources which can be used on digital platforms and with distance learning
  • These resources are suitable for Google Classroom, PowerPoint capable PCs or laptops, iPads & more
  • Digital resources can be saved and resent to the educator for marking
  • Digital resources are a great way to engage young learners with learning skills
  • Access FOUR pre-sale PAID packets from the Sea of Knowledge PAID store each month
  • Get over 40% off prices of listed resources in the store
  • Access more paid resources listed in the members area each month

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Hi I’m Yara

I know exactly how it feels to be an overwhelmed teacher or homeschooler. Over the years, I’ve learned to organise my teaching resources so that I have access to these year round and when I feel I would need them to cater for specific learning needs of my students.

I spent years developing resources to help meet the needs of my various learners. 

Some who come from an ESL/ELL background, some have special needs, and others are gifted in particular academic areas. 

I particularly love to teach language & literacy, social emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills and I love to cater to special needs kids. 

All in all, I strongly believe that every child can learn in their own way and in their own time, it’s up to us as educators to help ignite a love for learning and provide various activities to cater for different learning styles.

One of my less popular pictures after a long night of grading papers and making resources overnight!

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