Real or Spooky Words? Freebie + Fun October Activities for Kinders.

So today I got to thinking…Since my students enjoyed the Halloween themed activities so much. I decided to write up a quick activity to practice sight words (I know, it seems like that’s all I’ve been Googling and searching on Pinterest lately) but they are important. My ESL students especially need LOTS and LOTS of practice on sight words, so ANY ideas I find – I try! 🙂

Here it is! It’s a really simple game! The students play it like a scavenger hunt. Hang the cards up around the classroom and give each child a clipboard as they walk around looking for the cards and writing down the real and nonsense words!

Click on the picture to get it. 🙂

Anyway, I will show you just some of the activities we used which are are in my Halloween/October math & literacy pack for K.

I pulled out some spider uppercase and lowercase matching cards. The students love these!

We played a number game where students pull out a number and find the ten frame card that represents that number.
Next, we played a game where students pull out a number card from the deck and then write two numbers that come after and two that come before. We also practiced some addition skills using the same cards. The ten frames actually helped some of my students count the numbers so I used those cards for the addition task – if I found that they are comptetent enough, I’d make it more challenging and just stick to number cards.
I hope you enjoyed this post and liked the activity above! Will make a for great *spooky* chuckle in the classroom! 🙂


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