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Our Teaching Tribe August Challenge

She will be reviewing my Place Value Mystery Riddle pack in here post HERE.

I’m so excited to share a review of one of my teacher buddies in Our Teaching Tribe! 

I am teamed up with Sasha from Sasha’s Creations. She has this awesome interactive pack to go along with the popular book by Audrey Penn “The Kissing Hand.”

As soon as I opened this pack, I could see countless ways of using it with my students. It can be used in small groups, individually or even as guided activities with the whole class. 

I used some of the activities with my ESL student who is struggling in math and literacy. We listening to the recording of the story on YouTube through my iPad and then began the activities. 

There is an easy QR code to use when you want to listen to the book. So handy! I’m a little tech geek. 😉

Sasha is reviewing my Place Value Mystery Messages Pack. See that HERE.

So here is how I used this pack.

My ESL student needs lots of help so I made sure that he cut the boxes that were clear and I helped him through those. They are very simple boxes so they were easy for little hands to cut out.

Firstly, the QR code at the bottom helped us get introduced to the book and this is perfect for ELL kids as they need as much listening and interaction as they can get.

Sasha was clever in including this in the resource – especially for those who don’t have the book!

Next we colored the images and cut out the boxes and arranged them into the notebook before gluing.
We talked about the details of the book, the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’. We discussed the details of what happened first, in the middle and at the end of the book. We also discussed characters.
After we sorted the images onto each other correctly (we did this to practice first). We then began to glue the flaps onto the page. I helped my student do this so he doesn’t get glue all over the flap. 🙂
Next we did some number work where we matched the digit to the word.
There is plenty of more activities in this pack and we couldn’t get through it in one week. There are CVC word and picture matching activities for all the CVC vowel sounds which I hope to complete next week!

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