Is it February already? Few updates & a sweet freebie ;)

Wow!! Is it February already?? I’ve been neglecting this little blog and all the fabulous followers and I am trully sorry, I will hopefully make it up with the sweet freebie in this post?!…or not?? (I think I’d need to post ten freebies to make up for this absense haha) 🙂 
This post will be a short one just so I don’t forget the password for my blog hehe… it’s been a busy month but on the plus side soo many new happenings. My sister got engaged, so I’ll be prepared for booked out weekends from now (and possibly a bridezilla haha) so exciting! =P 
Anyho, we begin teaching next week and although It’s going to be hard getting back into the routine of work – I miss it! =D Onto a few updates which might benefit you! – The first one is since I am SOO obsessed with graphics (they truly save me in ESL classes almost EVERY time) – I decided to buy a bundle from the awesome artist Angie Wenke and since I get lots and lots of people asking me where I get the graphics from I decided to use them for class creations as well as adding them to my catalogue for sale! So if you’re looking for graphics to use in lessons plans etc click on the following image and it’ll take you straight to the page with clip art from my ESL Store – click on bundles (they are well worth it if you’re looking for seasonal items!).


The next update is Farley’s Awesome Blog Link up with Currently (hope you enjoy this one, I was clicking on endless links from the post — such a time killer haha):

Here is the link to Farley’s blog if you wish to blog hop 😉 Oh, Boy Fourth Grade!
 I really am trying to cut down on coffee.. It just doesn’t help when your sister buys a coffee machine and puts it in your kitchen IN YOUR FACE every morning… Touph choice: instant bitter coffee or professionally made coffee  haha.. Touphy! =P
I am currently working on the Morning Work series (the next 5 months) I know, I know sooo delayed but hopefully once all done it’ll be worth it so everyone can get them bundled up. 🙂 Also been working on the spelling packs and a Valentine Pack (which I don’t think I’ll be able to complete in time lol).
On the bright side, I had so much fun creating this freebie!! Children can practice skills such as reading, writing, and counting (distinguishing between the half and the whole). Click on the picture below to grab it! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this freebie and wishing you a great February filled with love! 😉

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