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Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles

Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles: The hard and soft ‘g’ sound can be very confusing for kids when writing. They often mix up the soft ‘g’ sound for the letter ‘j’. I find that my ESL students specifically struggle with this. This activity gets the kids to identify the vowels which come after the letter ‘g’ so that they know which ‘g’ should be placed before the vowel. After giving them the basic rule of when to use each, the kids can then build their puzzles and sort the words into the correct ‘bubble’ on the sorting mat. What a fun way to get them practicing the letter ‘g’ sound!

This activity will pair well with these fun Ending Sounds and Word Family phonics hole punch cards.


Once the kids understand the basic rule:

Soft G is used before the vowels (e, i, and y) like: gel, gem, general, and giant.

Hard G is used before the vowels (a, o and u) like: gas, goose, gobble and gust.

Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles

Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles

This activity will further reinforce the rule and help them remember it when they are writing in the future. I like to get the students to sound out the words as they put them together, but naturally they will do so when looking for the puzzle piece. I found that they enjoyed having to look for the sun halves while pronouncing the word saying the letter ‘g’. I had the mat in the middle as they sorted the words in the correct ‘bubble’.

Your kids will love this activity!

Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Laminator
  • A4 paper
  • scissors
  • sun puzzles, sorting mat and recording sheet (below)

It is a fun and easy activity to set up! Once you have printed the sun puzzles, laminate them for durability and place them in a small ziplock bag or an envelope. I laminated the sorting mat as well. Print as many recording sheets as you need for the students and I like seeing them work individually and write their words down on the recording sheet. They would also need to sort the words there, so even more practice!

Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles

Do you have some ESL students in your class? I like to include them with mainstream students in group work and activities such as these. I find that they learn from their peers and it helps them associate letters and sounds more fluently.

Hard and Soft G Sound Sort Sun Puzzles

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