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Every second Friday, I will share a limited time freebie (Friday Swag) only to be accessed by newsletter subscribers. This freebie will also be included in the member’s club where it will live with no restrictions on time access.

P.S: I only learned that the word ‘swag’ can also be used for ‘fun, cool things we must have’. And hey, we’re teachers, we are cool so why not! 😉

These Road themed Alphabet Tracing and Fine Motor Task Cards will be a perfect addition to your literacy centers in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. These can even be used with special ed. students working on their letter formation. Print and laminate the cards, then have the kids use their fingers to trace over the guided format, alternatively you can have the kids use cars / vehicles. Another way to use these is to add a sensory bag on top and have the kids follow the guide to

This SUPER Friday Swag version (only for members) includes super sized versions of uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters. This version is only included for members of Sea of Knowledge.

Alphabet Pre-writing Road Themed Task Cards

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