Five for Friday {Finally made it this time! ;)}

I am linking up with Doodle Bug Teaching’s weekly Five For Friday linkup, I always say I would like to make this post each week but never have the time yikes – and I have finally made it! 😛

Here’s my week in review! (It has been a real interesting one)

I used this month’s fun Easter activities with my ESL student who is struggling with his numbers and alphabet. This pack includes lots and lots of spring themed activities too. You can grab the freebie from this blog post here.
We had some incredible downpours of rain this week – it was a massive storm that hit Sydney and something like like hasn’t happened since 1991 apparently. A lot of teachers and students were absent from their classes this week due to the weather conditions. Some are still going through the power outages across the country – these are the times when we are really tested without technology or electricity to do the everyday things we do! 😉

So my hubby snapped this while driving to work on Wednesday morning (I did NOT want to ask how he managed to drive through this puddle all the while remaining calm enough to snap pictures with his phone…)

…Aaaaand YEP…
Despite all that drama, we savored the fun little things, like hot chocolate and a freshly lit fire. 🙂
We went through some important tips with the class about Earth Day and what we can do to help save our environment. I found this image on Pinterest however could not find it again for the link!
I participated in a fun blog hop from down under! 😉 we shared some amazing activities and freebies. Take a look here to start the hop.

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