Five for Friday 8.05.15

Hi peeps! I am linking up this week again with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching head on over to link up and join this exciting linky! 🙂

This week, we are well into term two so I’ve been working on organising my work station – but to tell you the truth… The more I organise, the more piles I end up with?! So I decided to take a break from “organising”. =P

Remember how I referred to a wedding of two of our close friends? Here are some images! I love weddings! 🙂 The day was very wet and rainy – but it still made for such a romantic night!
I thought this was a very interesting dessert… It’s a pear! 🙂
In class we worked on some speaking activities to prepare my level 2 ESOL class for their upcoming assessments. The activity on the right is called Talking Picture Cards – Introductions. My students loved them! The activity on the right is an interactive paragraph builder – moving house with work on the future tense. My ESL student used this in tutoring.
This is totally random but I’ve been looking through recipes on Pinterest lately (and it always seems that I do this when I’m starving lol) – I found this awesome creamy tomato based tortellini recipe. The hubby had bought some tortellini and I’d frozen it – and forgot about it – till I saw that recipe! Must try – so I did and it turned out yummy. 🙂
A group of some awesome TPT tutors got together and we blogged about some of our activities – we’ve included plenty of pictures and free downloads! This post will be coming soon… Head back to this blog to begin the hop on the 16th May. 🙂
Last but not least… MASTERCHEF 2015 finally began this week. Absolutely LOVE this show. The only thing I hate is that I’m constantly hungry while watching it lol… This year it looks real interesting!

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